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A Roy Lichtenstein exhibition is coming to the Tate Modern


Despite the lack of sunshine, we've been enjoying the way summer brings out the best in Bristol, particularly with all the great events coming up - after Grillstock at the start of the month and the amazing Son et Lumiere concert at Clifton College last weekend, we're looking forward to the foodies festival this weekend, as well as the final part of Bristol Cycle Festival.

In the office, we've been pleased to welcome another new member of the team, as well as a new email marketing contract.

We're also looking forward to completing work on several design projects, so watch this space!

Businesses using social media

Google Adwords can be a good way to boost visibility in the short term, but it can be very expensive if you don't make sure your campaign is tightly targeted - here are some useful tips concerning common mistakes made with Adwords.

One of the great things about social media and the emphasis on engagement it requires is that it brings you closer to your clients and customers. The kind of information people share about themselves, whether through their profiles or the people they communicate with, is incredibly useful to any business. These 4 ways to discover more about your audience with social media have some great ideas on how to harness this information.

Want more followers on Twitter? While it's not necessarily important to think of Twitter as just a numbers game, having more followers will mean more visibility - this post from Heidi Cohen has some useful thoughts on how to increase your influence in this way.

In their recent update Twitter has made some changes to the site's search function - Mashable has some useful information about the improvements, which could feed into your efficiency, in particular when it comes to topics of interest.


Design & Technology

We were astonished by this amazing story about an app that helps blind people take photos - such an amazing project.

A couple of articles on web design that we thought were potentially useful this week:

This week two of our regular reads - Brain Wads and Swiss Miss - featured this video of Jonah Lehrer talking about creative insight. It's definitely worth a watch.

We've been keeping a key eye on the cultural side of the approaching Olympics all year, and this project 'Journey to Greatness', which involves Nike, the University of the Arts London and a host of sportsmen and women, really caught our eye this week.

And to finish off the week, we though this video about Olympic Pictograms was fascinating:

Now it's your turn!

If you've featured any interesting posts, tips or advice on any aspect of social media, design or technology, we'd love to read it - please put a link to it in the comments below!