26th July 2016 Development Digital 0 comments

And all developers everywhere heaved a sigh of relief.

Now I am not here to bash Microsoft, and I am not going to be a Mac snob just because I am a web developer. In fact I used Internet Explorer myself for many years not knowing the slightest difference until someone put me onto Google Chrome. But once you learn how to code the shortcomings of Internet Explorer become glaringly obvious.

If you ever tried to put together a website you know the agony of painstakingly putting together a beautiful design, getting it all coded up and looking amazing in Chrome, Firefox and Safari only to open it in Internet Explorer and it turns into a complete mess. You end up spending as much time fixing the inconsistencies in IE as you took to code the entire thing!

You sit there wondering why it’s the only browser that nothing works in, I mean really, people have made money on coming up with workarounds for the IE browsers!

What went wrong with Explorer?

So I looked it up and there are different theories about why most of the current technologies don’t work in Internet Explorer. One of them being that Microsoft had the monopoly on browsers for so long (in January 2002 85.8% of people used IE) that they stopped innovating.

This along with their long delays between version releases (5 years between IE 6 and IE 7) meant they were just always a few steps behind.

They persisted with the browser until now but eventually even Microsoft has admitted defeat and with the release of Windows 10 in July 2016 they will be launching their new browser Microsoft Edge.

They have also ended support for all versions of IE except 11 from 12 January 2016. This does mean that if you are still using an older version of IE you should definitely update as it can be unsafe to use a browser that they are no longer providing security updates for. They are more at risk for malware attacks and data theft.

So love it or hate it that Internet Explorer will soon be a thing of the past, I am sure many people will cling to it for as long as possible but my recommendation is if you’re going to update why don’t you try Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Support the open source.