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Increasing converting web traffic with PPC

Paid online advertising in search engines can be a great way to instantly raise your business profile. It also helps you control key branded search terms to make sure your competitors aren't getting there first!

With a PPC campaign, you have control over the keywords you target, which means you can aim your campaigns at highly-converting web traffic.

You can also pay for advertising on platforms like Facebook and Twitter to increase post engagement and reach. Spending a little bit of money to boost the right post or content can have huge returns in terms of engagement and reach.

Managing & optimising your PPC campaigns for maximum results

Running a properly optimised campaign is about making sure you are targeting the right keywords to reach a receptive audience.

Google Adwords and Managed PPC Services by GWS Media

GWS have years of experience as a PPC marketing company alongside our other digital marketing services. We are skilled and competent in all aspects of Google Adwords and Facebook Ads campaigns. We can help you with:

  • Keyword research
  • Excluding negative keywords
  • Audience review
  • Optimising campaigns for minimum wastage, maximum results
  • Creating campaign-specific landing pages to increase conversions
  • Monitoring bid levels
  • Standardising a sustainable framework for future campaigns.

By analysing conversions, optimising campaigns and responding to the search market, we can make sure your Google Adwords, Facebook Ads or other paid media campaign is getting you the results you need.

We also have experience of managing Google AdGrants for charities.

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GWS changed our view on what a company should be tracking. GWS data analysis is very important to our business and it showed us how to improve our numbers.