Digital Marketing & Strategy Services by GWS Media, Bristol

Digital marketing isn't just about being 'found' online - it's about creating compelling content and providing exceptional customer experiences.

Every social media ad campaign, blog post, tweet and online video should be aimed at the same strategic goal. Managing a digital brand is about creating positive online moments through communication and strategy.

At its core, digital marketing is effective and meaningful communication: communication that can be measured in metrics and quantified. Communication with strategic purpose.

  • Get your digital marketing strategy right before you launch campaigns
  • Strategy should guide all decisions made about promoting your brand
  • Measuring is key to evaluating any digital marketing campaign
  • Document digital strategies to help you monitor progress
  • Use digital PR to launch new products and services

Strategic digital marketing is goal-centric

The importance of strategy in digital marketing cannot be overstated. Thinking strategically helps ensure that all digital marketing activities are geared towards a mutual goal.

  • Are you marketing for more leads?
  • Do you need to raise brand awareness?
  • Are you launching a new product?

Define your priorities to help build your strategy. Use data and market insights to guide marketing choices, not 'hunches'.

Defining your digital strategy

Our marketers will discuss strategy and tactics at length with you to make sure you are up to speed with what we are achieving together.  They will cover these key points in your strategy:

  • how digital marketing can be best deployed to achieve your business goals
  • the level of spend needed to make a real difference
  • the best places to find an engaged online audience
  • which channels to use
  • creating an overall content strategy, including what type of content to post
  • how to launch digital PR campaigns to highlight key services and USPs

Digital marketing that covers all bases

Digital marketing works best when it is integrated with the rest of your marketing, not just an afterthought. Digital marketers will need access to key digital assets like your website and social media channels to help them drive results. We'd like you to see us as an extension of your business.

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