We work with you to create a beautiful and functional website, with our team of dedicated in-house designers and developers


We work collaboratively with your team to ensure that we understand your brand, and can effectively communicate it through our design and copy. Your input is vital, as you know your brand best - we are happy to work within your brand guidelines. 

Mobile Friendly Websites

You need your e-commerce store optimised for mobile to ensure a user-friendly shop for the 50%+ who will browse it on their phones. We build mobile responsiveness into every Magento site and always consider how the buttons will work best on mobile. 

Optimised for Conversion

Whatever actions you want a visitor to take on your website, whether completing a form, signing up to a newsletter or something unique - we will work with you to ensure that your site is designed to facilitate these goals.

Search that Works

A sophisticated, efficient search is key to a potential customer finding what they want on your website. Our developers can build a custom search function so users can quickly find what they are looking for, in any market sector.

Showcase your products

From custom display of attributes to promoting bestsellers, product offers and bundles... however you want to showcase your products, we can make that a reality, with tailored product display and attractive calls-to-action.  

Usability and Visual Appeal

The visual appeal and usability of your e-commerce website are both crucial. Our developers aim to produce a site that stands out from the crowd, and offers an efficient sales funnel from navigation to a product, through to checkout. 

Our Values and Goals

Since GWS was founded in 2000, we have provided cutting-edge services to our clients, while sticking to our core business values - transparency, helpfulness, and trying to do what is best for every client. We aim to build long-term relationships based on trust and clear communication.


Full Service, friendly Team

We have a highly skilled team of designers, developers and marketing experts. Many members of our team have been working for us for over five years, and we offer effective team communication, quick problem-solving and efficient collaborative working through the sharing of client briefs and ideas. This allows us to offer clients a high quality of service without the overhead of account managers - with our years of collective experience, we can find a solution focused on your needs. You can meet the team behind your web build, and we are also on hand throughout the process to offer guidance and support and respond to feedback in order to ensure that the finished website delivers exactly what you need.


Who do we work for?

We work for companies amd organisations that want to grow their online sales and reduce their overheads, with e-commerce sites that make it easier for customers to buy and that are easier to manage.