International & Multilingual App Development Services

An international app reaches people where they are

We live in an increasingly connected world of apps and mobile marketing. Developing an international app can be a great way to reach new customers and help existing ones.

Make your corporate a truly global toolkit by going international. Or if you need a more public-facing promotional app, we can help design and create something unique for your global audience.

  • Apps can help you customise customer experience
  • Apps offer a multi-platform solution to key customer queries
  • Investing in a multilingual app is future-proofing your business
  • A generic app is less likely to perform well than a targeted and localised app
  • Consider how switching languages will impact design and usability

Be in the palm of people's hands with an international app

Investing in an international app shows that you are committed to providing personalised and targeted services to local users. You will need to make sure that your app is properly localised, from both a content and a technology perspective.

If you're going multilingual, you'll want to consider how users switch between languages within the app and how different platforms manage the transition.

A successful international app will:

  • include plenty of tailored, culturally resonant content
  • be a launchpad for new products and ideas on the global market
  • act as a key market research tool for your business
  • connect employees across the globe with your brand


Marketing internationally? Not sure if you need an international app?