Extend your international market reach with Multilingual Web Design

In today's global marketplace, a professionally designed multilingual website is a valuable tool for business growth. 

Multilingual websites are an essential digital marketing asset in the global marketplace
People connect with their own native languages on a much deeper level
Multilingual sites help you break into and conquer export markets
They also appeal to non-native-English speakers in the domestic market
They should be properly localised to the values of each national culture

In today's global marketplace, a professionally designed multilingual website is a valuable tool for business growth. Going multilingual helps you to expand your company by bringing your international customers closer.

At GWS, we work with qualified linguists and use research intelligence to tailor the online presentation of your business to the language, interests, outlook, culture and buying patterns of your overseas and non-native-English-speaking customers.

We can manage the design and development of a properly targeted multilingual site from the ground up, or convert an existing website into a multilingual one.

Multilingual website design increases customer engagement

The art of multilingual web design is more than just providing accurate translations - it's about optimising your website to meet the needs of international markets and customers. A truly multilingual site is designed in such a way that it not only reaches customers in their own language, but also is adapted to their particular culture.

Are you in the market for a multilingual website? With GWS Media:

  • The size of your site does not matter: whether you're a small business wanting a simple brochure-style website, or a large company needing a database-backed site with thousands of pages, we have the know-how and experience to make it fully multilingual for you
  • Whatever your industry and whatever your language needs, we will work to find creative solutions for you
  • We work with global web templates to create brand harmony and consistency across different sites, but can modify and localise these to the needs of different markets
  • We design with flexibility and future expansion in mind
  • By using global Content Management System (CMS) best practices, we keep development costs down and allow you to easily update your own website
  • We research regional and national markets and consider appropriate variations in language
  • We call on 15 years of experience as multilingual website developers to ensure that design and development are properly integrated

Tailored multilingual web design & localisation strategy

Have you ever stopped to consider how differently someone from Denmark, Turkey, China, Russia, Singapore or Mexico may react to the same website? A potential international customer will prefer using a website which feels right and natural within the parameters of what is usual in his or her culture. To increase customer engagement and sales conversion rates, you should avoid having a bland, generic translated site that looks like a foreign import and has limited relevance to the tastes, psychology and needs of local users.Tailored multilingual web design & localisation strategy

Localisation is an important part of any international web design project. A properly localised multilingual site is one that has been optimised for the target market, but without compromise to brand values.

  • At GWS, we tailor page design and images to the expectations and tastes of the user in each target country and culture.