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2D Platformer
Content Rating
All ages
Release Date
1st April 2023

In this game, you control a small army of five migratory frogs that have to make a hazardous journey to their natural habitat, the shallow waters in small recesses off the edge of a river.


Hop Left
← or A

Hop Right
→ or D

Hop Up
↑ or W

Hop Down
↓ or S

There are two stages to the frogs’ journey. First, they have to cross a busy five-lane motorway made more perilous by its contraflow traffic. Next, they need to find a safe way across the deep, fast-flowing river, whose strong currents mean certain death if they fall into the water.

Direct each frog one hop at a time over these hazards to their homes. Have them weave in and out of the traffic to avoid becoming roadkill, then make strategic use of driftwood and the backs of passing turtles to guide them across the river to safety.

The slightest contact with any of the passing vehicles is enough to kill your soft-bodied frogs. Similarly, if you fall into the water, err off the visible part of the screen, or make a hard landing when attempting to dock your frog, instant death will result.

Up to two of your frogs may die. There are two substitutes waiting in line to take their places. If, however, a third frog should perish, you lose the game.

If you succeed in bringing five frogs home alive, you will then be challenged to repeat the feat at a higher difficulty level, with faster-moving road traffic and a faster-flowing river.

Froghopper is a fresh, modern reimagining of a generic game concept that has been widely popular since the 1980s. The earliest implementation was an arcade game called Frogger, which was developed by Konami and released in 1981. Numerous games inspired by Frogger ported to the home computers of the 1980s followed. Our variant, Froghopper, features original graphic design and custom game logic that was created after we observed different versions of the game being played.

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