Member Website Development Services Bristol & London

Membership sites are important to trade societies, regulators and professional associations

Build a community
Personalised user experience
Offer specialist resources
Tailored to business needs

Member sites are building blocks of online communities

Community sites help people connect. Create networks, share content and promote your brand with technology that lets you manage online communities.

Membership sites are powerful marketing tools and can generate steady income through membership and subscription services.

A good member website creates a dynamic online experience that encourages repeat visits. Using incentives and opt-ins optimises membership retention and engagement.

At GWS Media, we have the know-how and resources to design and develop community and membership websites customised to your needs and specifications. Based in Bristol since 2001, we are happy to work with clients in London, Wales and throughout the UK and internationally.

Membership websites made easy

Need to get people more involved with your brand? Thinking of building and managing a membership site? You want a site that is easy to manage, has factored membership growth into its framework and is straight-forward to update.

We can help you design, develop and activate a successful member website. Whether you want to build a membership content library, an ecommerce portal, or a social networking site, we have the development knowledge to realise your project.

  • Your member website is a community portal where you can build your own online community
  • It can also be a useful income stream if you charge subscription and membership fees

Successful membership sites engage and develop

We have created a good number of community and member websites over the years, both on a large national scale for organisations like MENSA, and for smaller organisations on much more slender budgets.

A successful membership site:

  • Has a dynamic user area and dashboard that encourages people to keep coming back to you
  • Helps you better manage subscriptions, emails and targeted marketing by collecting user data
  • Offers incredible user value by offering exclusive content and features
  • Helps create a long-lasting connection between users and your organisation

Member website development that matches your needs

  • Our open-source development keeps project costs down whilst delivering highly customisable solutions
  • We make sure we match the right CMS and functionality to your site so that you can keep future admin and management costs down
  • We make your site secure without sacrificing user-friendliness or functionality

Need to monetise your site? Need a high-quality member website? Contact us!