Do you have a Magento website but need assistance improving and growing it? Our experience in Magento means we offer a whole range of development options from integration of extensions to writing custom code

Accounts Integration

We offer integration with accounting / bookkeeping packages such as Sage and Xero to ensure that as your business grows, your order process efficiency increases, reducing the burden on staff hours by reducing manual data input and increasing accuracy. 

B2B Features

We can add features such as order approvals, wholesale order capability and purchase platform integration, so you can serve your B2B clients in a fast and effective way, reducing the risk of errors and loss of business. 

Custom Extensions

One size does not fit all in e-commerce - additional functionality can provide a unique selling point that helps to attract and retain customers and meet their needs. Our custom extensions will do exactly what you want, however specific that has to be. 

Data Migrations

Data is one of your most valuable business assets. We work with you to ensure the accuracy of data migrations with a process that is smooth, efficient and reliable - so you can get back to work in your new system as quickly as possible. 

Purchase Platform Integration

When building an automated e-commerce platform, it’s essential that payment processes are integrated. Payment process integration provides a smooth checkout system, and reduces the admin load on your business. 

Stock Integration

Stock and re-stock management is essential for all shops, when you need to advise customers when stock is due in or generate re-orders from your suppliers. We can offer full stock integration with a variety of ERP and warehouse management systems. 

Our Capabilities

We are proud to have over 20 years’ experience in e-commerce development, including stores using different backend systems ranging from Prestashop to OSCommerce and Magento. We use this extensive experience to support our Magento projects - with a full-service team including specialist in-house Magento developers and designers, we are confident we can help solve your problems and enhance your website as needed. Throughout an ecommerce development, we will keep the lines of communication open to ensure that the project is focused on your goals. We offer regular updates on the progress of work and demonstrations of work-in-progress. 


Custom Development

We create custom code for Magento e-commerce websites to deliver a solution that is an exact match to your requirements. If you have ever been told that your website can't do something you want it to, the chances are that we are the agency that will be able to say yes.


Who do we work for?

We work for companies and organisations that want to grow their online sales and reduce their overheads, with e-commerce sites that make it easier for customers to buy and that are easier to manage.