An Intranet is a private digital communications network to which only those invited have access. There are many valuable applications for intranets in today’s joined-up business world, but one of the most useful is a network for communications between the managers and employees of a particular company.
Drupal 7 Site Maintenance and Support   Drupal 7 websites require maintenance and support to keep them running smoothly and to keep them secure from attackers. Security has become a key focus with the end-of-life date for the system set to November 2022.
Drupal 7 to Drupal 9 Upgrades   As Drupal 7 approaches its end of life date in November 2022, there are a number of different options for companies and organisations that have a website that was built using Drupal version 7.
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We develop websites in open-source content management systems that are secure and easy to use. Our websites are developed to a high standard within a transparent framework. As part of our development package, we train you up in your CMS for free, so that you can handle future website updates yourself. Our developers empower you to fully own and customise your website.
Mobile and tablet are where many people are found today! Creating a corporate app is a straightforward way to reach them. Corporate app development is led by your business needs. Our app developers can build you a bespoke corporate app from scratch, or build on an existing app. Whether you need a sales and marketing tool, or something to help you manage your business, there's an app to meet your needs, and we are eager and able to work with you to produce and refine it!
A member website connects an online community with your brand, content and services. Connect through user forums, exclusive members-only content, event booking and other custom functions. We have years of experience of developing membership sites, from social networking sites to discussion forums. Use our membership sites to reach and engage more people.
A well-designed commercial website needs good hosting and regular updating. You website's security and usability will need to be carefully managed and maintained. If you haven't got the resources to manage it all in-house, our expert web maintenance and hosting contracts are hassle-free and good value-for-money. Use our development services to keep your website fresh and up-to-date.
We are registered members of the Softbank Robotics Partner programme, and work with our main contact at Softbank to supply their Pepper and Nao robots to customers throughout the UK. But unlike some other UK suppliers of these robots, we don’t just ship you a robot in a box and stop there. Instead, we offer a full range of support services and application development services.