Keeping your Magento site running smoothly and securely is our priority at GWS. We support clients with day-to-day site operation, and help resolve issues - whether those relate to hosting, themes, extensions, or upgrading to a new version of Magento.

Issue Resolution

With any large and complex e-commerce store, from time to time you will have technical issues that require resolution. We can help identify and explain any problems as quickly as possible, and fix or work around them so that orders keep coming in.

Magento Upgrades

Magento needs upgrades to migrate between minor as well as major versions. This is not usually a straightforward process for clients to manage in-house, but we are highly knowledgeable in handling this process to take away the risk and hassle.

Ongoing Support

We provide ongoing support and management of Magento e-commerce stores. A monthly maintenance and support contract saves you valuable time and hassle, as we are on hand to answer questions as well as resolve any issues, and suggest the best way forward.

Risk Mitigation

We can help you with configuration that limits the risks and potential damage to your site from careless user edits or poor log-in security, and can implement back-up systems so that, in the unfortunate event of your site being compromised, we can help restore the site without hosting company backups.

Security Updates

Like all content management systems, Magento requires periodic security patching as areas of code that could potentially be exploited come to light. We can handle security patching for you in a timely fashion, saving you the worry of having an insecure website.

Server Patching

We run our own servers in-house to host the websites of many of our clients, and are experienced in configuring them for security and performance. We always maintain our servers to a high standard of security, with regular patching as needed.

Proactive Maintenance

Maintaining your Magento website before problems occur will help you avoid issues which could take your shop offline, and cost you business. E-commerce sites are a target for hackers and proactively maintaining Magento with security patches and version upgrades will help ensure your site is not compromised.


Tailored Support

We offer flexible support and maintenance packages to match the needs of your Magento website and business. Our support and maintenance contracts start from just three hours per month, with a flexible review if the initial level needs to be changed. If your needs exceed the support level in your contract, we are happy to bill for the extra hours so that you can continue to have access to your usual number of hours, or carry forwards a small one-off amount. Unlike many agencies, we carry forwards unused hours to the next month. 


Who do we work for?

We have worked for customers with e-commerce requirements for two decades, including Pattersons, Bristol Storage, Waddesdon Wine (part of the Rothschild group), SafeOptions, Ecomerchant, Protechnic, Bristol Garden Store, Advantapack and many others. We have more than 12 years of experience with Magento.