International Marketing and Multilingual SEO Services

Marketing globally is about adapting your brand to accommodate and meet different cultural expectations and needs.

Marketing in more than one language is a business reality for many brands
Cross-cultural marketing redefines traditional brand boundaries
Transcreation, as opposed to literal translation, often works best in marketing
Marketing campaigns should be tested and optimised for each target market
Match your platform with the right country and target market

Marketing and SEO for International Brands

Global marketing can help you broaden your business horizons and significantly expand your customer base.

Doing business in a new market calls for a radical shift in how you market yourself.

Interational marketing is an opportunity to spread brand awareness and make new connections with people around the world.

It's important to target the right platforms, to ensure that you are meeting your brand audience where it is found.

Cultural relevancy drives successful international campaigns

In marketing, just being accurate isn't enough: you need to also be relevant. Connecting key cultural ideas with your offering will guarantee that your products and services will resonate with their intended local target market.

  • Think about the messaging you are putting out there. Is it global and universal enough?
  • Do you need to develop country-specific campaigns?
  • How developed is the market in your target country? Are you pitching too high or too low?
  • How many local and global competititors do you have?
  • Can your sales and lead generation funnel deal with the logistics of border crossing?

Multilingual SEO Services

GWS Media offers multilingual SEO services for international brands, companies and organisations. No matter what languages you need to use to reach your international markets, creating translated content is only a part of what we do.

We will also investigate which relevant phrases and expressions people are searching for in each language, and adapt the headings and content of each translated page accordingly. This is what we mean by multilingual SEO.