Social Media Strategy Services by GWS Media, Bristol

Social sharing is instant, but it can have a lasting impact on your brand.

Sending the right message to your social followers increases brand engagement and customer retention. Social channels can also be harnessed as a lead-generation and customer service platform.

Whether you are engaging with B2B or B2C customers, we can help you get the most out of your campaigns and followers. We'll help you develop a coherent strategy and content curation plan to maximise social return.

Social media is about building networks, and it can help SEO too
Its performance and engagement are measurable metrics
It is becoming a platform for ongoing customer communication
Some platforms may not be appropriate for your business

We provide strategic advice and social media consultancy as part of our digital marketing packages. With us, you can maximise the return on investment you are getting from using Facebook, Twitter and other social networks.

GWS offers a full spectrum of agency services from our offices in Bristol, from working out a strategy with our clients through to composing and posting carefully targeted tweets.

Serving clients not only in Bristol, Bath, Somerset and the South West, but also in London and throughout the UK, we are always happy for new enquiries, and cherish our long-term client service relationships. 

Integrate social media marketing with the rest of your brand

Go to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to share content, ideas and knowledge - don't bore your audience by repeating your sales pitch. Be clear on what your brand's content strategy is, and what sort of content you want to create and curate through your networks.

Integrating strategy means making sure you are targeting the right platforms and sharing the right content. All platforms have their own specific user demographics, and depending on your business, you may even want to consider Pinterest and Instagram. Social media can be a great marketing tool when integrated with your SEO and digital marketing campaigns.

Here are some of the things that the effective use of these platforms can do for you:

  • Help you find your brand voice
  • Develop an engaged online audience
  • Generate business leads
  • Create a business network of likeminded individuals and referrers
  • Send trust signals to customers and search engines
  • Build links back to your site through social bookmarking
  • Promote your website, digital assets and company events.
Additionally, paid advertising campaigns on Facebook and similar channels can help you maximise the returns on your investment.

Measuring the business value of social media

Make sure that you are seeing added value and return of investment from your efforts.

You should keep an eye on platform-specific metrics, as well as levels of social traffic to your website in analytics. Remember to measure the proportion of new business leads you get to see whether it's working for you as a business generator.

If you haven't been very active in posting, don't expect overnight growth and huge business benefits. Social networking online is a long game. It is about building brand value and contributing to a community, not a platform to hard-sell.

Key benefits of using social networks online:

  • A convenient and informal way to interact with your customers directly
  • Can help you diversify your brand voice
  • Helps you build relationships with other brands and local businesses
  • Provides opportunities to generate new business leads