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Increase Customer Engagement

Use specific games and gamified experiences on your website to increase customer engagement. Involving a play element in a website encourages users to interact, holding their attention and increasing the time they spend on your site.

Show a Sense of Fun

Although a gamified experience can be added to your website with a specific purpose, it could also serve purely as an opportunity to offer a fun experience for your customers and show off your organisation’s sense of fun.

Improve Visitor Detail Capture

Using a game experience to hold the attention of a customer for an increased period of time can offer the opportunity to improve visitor detail capture. The more positive an experience on a site, the higher likelihood of them sending an enquiry or completing a contact form or even offering up information during the game.

Promote a Positive Image

Including game features on your website can show brand personality, build awareness and can serve as a memorable Unique Selling Point for your users, promoting a positive image of the business.

Boost Employee Engagement

If it’s a challenge to keep employees engaged in a particular aspect of the business, whether that’s training or recruitment for example, introduce gamified experiences to freshen up systems and keep staff engaged.

Enhance Employee Productivity

Businesses are reliant on staff productivity levels. Introducing gamified versions of dull procedures or tasks can keep attention focused and help keep productivity high.

Types of game development

We develop games and experiences designed to engage users through a sense of play. Whether your aim is to create a traditional, nostalgia-evoking arcade game, an old school board game, a much-loved word puzzle or something more modern, whatever it is you want, our team has the skills to bring your idea to life.

Using well-designed graphics, custom code and an attention to detail developed over many years in business, we offer enhanced digital experiences created with user engagement in mind. Make your business stand out with a game or gamified app from GWS.


Gamification in business

Gamification for business is about making tasks more fun for staff, and delighting potential customers. In practice gamified experiences can have a significant impact on business processes as well as on how potential clients perceive you.

If you want to find out more, why not talk to us about your requirements. With decades of application development and integration experience, we understand how to add gamification into your business in a way that will deliver tangible benefits.


Gamification for education

Gaming and a sense of play can be used to support learning in schools, colleges and universities by creating interest and encouraging curiosity. We can help enable study via interactive experiences that can be created to work on multiple platforms to support both class and home learning.

Gamification can also be leveraged by museums, exhibition and art centres and libraries to support learning in their establishments.

Gamification for training

At GWS, we know the importance of industry training and certifications and ensuring that these are kept up to date. Gamifying these tasks can help in keeping the workforce engaged and focussed on completion of these.

Gamification for recruitment

Involving a gaming aspect in your business recruitment process could help to both attract more potential candidates to apply for positions and streamline your systems. We can solve multiple problems with one solution.

Gamification for marketing

In a landscape where the competition for attention is only going to get tougher, businesses need to continue to innovate and come up with sustainable ways in which to engage customers. The introduction of gamification into your marketing strategy is one option for this. Working with your business, we can help create customised applications that will engage customers, build brand trust and that have the potential to aid in formulating a better picture of your customers.

Games developed by GWS Media



Businesses who use our game development services

We have developed gamified Apps for clients including a FTSE-100 company and a furniture supplier. Whether you want a version of the classic game Pacman, or a custom game tailored closely to your business needs, we can help you and are happy to discuss what would suit you.

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