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10 Travel Apps for the Holidays

8th December 2021
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Airbnb is often a cheap way of staying in cities all over the world. There are listings for everything from people’s sofabeds to castles and mansions. Its popularity means that wherever your destination, you’re likely to be able to find somewhere to rest your head. And, if you do stay in someone’s spare room, you’d be hard-pressed to find a more qualified local guide than your host.

Free: iOS | Andriod



Winner of the Apple Editor’s Choice award, this app tracks your flight and notifies you of delays. While we can’t verify the claim that the app will notify you before the pilot, we like the weather and actual flight path features. The free version is still ad-free, which is unusual for any app in 2021! However, the premium version provides features such as inbound flight-tracking up to 25 hours before your plane arrives, delay predictions, and calendar syncing.

Free: iOS



Essentially the Deliveroo/UberEats of the airport. Simply place an order for pick-up or collection via the app, including pre-ordering for tight changeovers or packed schedules. Ideal for travelers, airport workers, and flight crews alike! For now, AtYourGate is currently only available at selected US airports, but we hope to see them expand soon.

Free: iOS | Andriod



Rebtel allows you to make international calls using your normal phone reception, 3/4/5G, or WiFi. The first week is free, and after that the app offers pay-as-you-go or monthly subscription plans. Ideal for avoiding your network’s international rates, as Rebtel’s per-minute fees are very reasonable.

Free: iOS | Andriod



While most of the apps on this list are distinctly city-focused, this app is great for getting into the countryside. AllTrails claims to have over 200,000 trail routes in its database. While you’ll need the paid version to download them and use them offline, even the free version is great for navigating as long as there’s signal. Other useful features include the ability to filter by dog-, child-, and wheelchair friendly routes. It’s not just for walking, either: our staff have used this for running and cycling, too.

Free: iOS | Andriod



With real-time radar imaging, lightning strike maps, and snow-depth forecasts, Weatherbug has some seriously advanced data to get stuck into. It has everything you’d expect from a weather app such as hourly forecasts, plus features like severe weather notifications. In the UK, it will use the Met Office’s weather warnings; other countries will have different agencies.

Free: iOS | Andriod



Eatwith allows you to find hosts in the city you’re visiting who will provide unique local knowledge and insights. Some may prepare meals at their home, or take you to their favourite spots off the tourist trails. Simply select your destination, browse available hosts, and message them to set up a meeting at a time that works for you both. The prices are listed in the app. If you enjoy the experience, you can even apply to become a host in your home city!

Free: iOS | Andriod



Traditionally, airport lounges have only been available to first-class ticket holders or those with some form of special status with their airlines. With LoungeBuddy, you can purchase access passes to airport lounges either on the day or up to two months in advance. The app contains details of all the amenities on offer in different locations, such as showers, food, and even nap pods! Buy a pass for yourself or as a gift for travelling loved ones.

Free: iOS


Visited: Map Where I’ve Been (iOS) / Visited: Personal Been Map (Android) 

A simple but effective visualizer for countries you’ve visited, and countries still on your wishlist. The colours are fully customizable to your tastes. You can also browse images of destinations worldwide, and add any you find inspiring to your travel bucket list. Additionally, the app functions as a travel journal to record your experiences. It will also give you some statistics about your most visited countries, percentage of the world you’ve seen, and much more.

Free: iOS | Android


Happy Cow

One for the herbivores: while in Bristol you can stumble into almost any restaurant and find a vegan meal, if you’re travelling then you might be less certain about where will cater to your needs. Happy Cow shows almost everywhere with vegetarian options, and you can filter further to only show fully vegetarian or vegan establishments, and exclude chains. As well as restaurants and cafes, it also shows shops and takeaways. 

Free: iOS | Andriod



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