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4 Reasons to Redesign Your Website

8th September 2011
GWS Team

Website redesign can range from a total overhaul to a couple of small tweaks.

Here we look at four key tips for website design:


1. Slow page load time

Your website takes more than 3 seconds to load.

Three seconds may not sound like much, but studies show that 40% of people abandon a website that hasn't loaded in this time.

The Internet provides businesses and consumers with multiple options at their fingertips, and with the demand for faster and more responsive technology, people are increasingly impatient and liable to look elsewhere.

This of course costs you visibility and revenue.

A site should aim to strike a balance between loading speed, and rich content such as pictures, videos and the eye-catching features which visitors now expect.


2. It lacks clarity

It may seem obvious, but using the Internet can often be an experience of information overload, which clarity of presentation helps to prevent.

Visually, large blocks of text are uninviting; instead try using links, headings and bullet points to get your information across.

Similarly, pictures and graphics can either draw in a user, or overcrowd and confuse the subject of a page.

Now you have a new, user-friendly look for your site, make sure that the content reflects this.

Unless a user knows who you are and what is on offer within the first few seconds of looking at your site, you risk losing their interest entirely.


3. It looks dated

A website can create the all important favourable first impression for a business, and a company will appear out of touch is its site looks old-fashioned.

Modern graphics and crisp images give an immediate aura of professionalism.

Investing a small amount in keeping your online image current has huge financial benefits.

There are at least 51.4 million Internet users in the UK alone which your business can target.

More and more companies are also using Apps as a way of updating their image and appealing to the growing number of Smartphone users.


4. It doesn't use the latest SEO tools

A high ranking on Google and other search engines is often the foundation of how your site reaches its audience.

Improving your SEO and keeping your site looking up to date go hand in hand, and both can be helped by linking your company to social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Recently, the E-Commerce Times investigated how Google may now be ranking 'social signs', e.g. mentions on social networking sites, higher than content and the number of inbound links.

They predict that over time, social signs will outweigh link-building and emerge as the way to measure.

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