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Different Types of File Formats

8th April 2022
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In this article we explain what a number of different popular file types are and what they are used for.

.pptx / .ppt

Microsoft PowerPoint, for presentation slides.

.xlsx / .xls

The native format for Microsoft Excel and the most common file format for spreadsheets.


Scalable vector graphics – for images that need to render at full resolution in a variety of sizes.


Portable Document Format – renders text and images in a format that can be read on any OS, regardless of software or hardware used.


ZIP isn’t an acronym. It is a way of compressing files in a way that means they don’t lose any data.


Portable network graphic. Allows transparency in images. ‘Portable’ indicates that files can be viewed regardless of OS, software, and hardware.

.jpg / .jpeg

Joint Photographic Experts Group – the most widely used image format worldwide. Compresses images without losing too much picture quality.

.docx / .doc

Microsoft Word, for word processing files.


The native format for Adobe Photoshop files.


The native format for Adobe InDesign files.


Graphics Interchange Format – allows for simple animations.


The native format for Adobe Illustrator files.

.html / .htm

Hypertext Markup Language – the cornerstone of the web. Displays content on web pages, in use since the earliest days of the Internet.


OpenType Font, used to display fonts across most platforms.


There are many other popular file types, some of which will be covered in a future article.


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