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Getting to Know Our Team 3: Kyle

27th April 2021
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The third in a series of occasional articles about our employees in 2021.

Please tell us about your professional background before you joined GWS

I worked for another digital marketing company in Zimbabwe for two years as a Graphic and Web Designer before joining GWS Media. I moved to the UK in 2017 and joined GWS shortly after.


Please take us through the kinds of things you do in your job at GWS in a typical week

The kinds of things I normally work on at GWS are designs for new websites, website redesigns, print material, logos, infographics and app design. I also work on developing websites, specifically Wordpress websites using Beaver Builder theme and plugin, setting up and maintaining Google Adwords campaigns, involved in client meeting and I send the monthly newsletter for GWS.


Which aspects of the job you enjoy the most?

I enjoy designing and developing websites (including redesigning sites) the most but creating a logo and branding for clients comes in close at second.


What has been your biggest achievement / something you are really proud of?

When I was 17 I went to study music for one year in Cape Town at an Audio Engineering College and I was the youngest person ever to receive a Higher Certificate in Audio Engineering at that college. Out of a class of 24, only 9 passed and I was the youngest by 2 years. I’m quite proud of that!


Websites and Digital marketing are constantly evolving. What changes do you see happening lately that affect the work you do in your role (be it design, development, SEO, copywriting or social media)?

In the last few years, websites and design trends have changed a lot! I’ve noticed lately that modern websites seem to have a lot more white space / spacing than websites from 3+ years ago. Personally I think that makes the design cleaner and not so busy.

Story branding websites are really popular nowadays too and they can work well for some industries / types of businesses but can end up being quite confusing for and hard to understand for other industries / types of business, especially if you haven’t planned EXACTLY what you want the story to tell.


What are some of your hobbies and interests outside work?

Outside of work I enjoy going to the gym, meeting with friends, taking my dog for a walk in different places and video games. I also work on creating music here and there but I’ve been struggling to find the time lately.


How have you found adapting to a different way of working during the lock-down?

I haven’t minded working from home too much but I do miss the face-to-face interactions with work colleagues and clients, discussing and preparing for projects in person and even the commute to work. Although it has shown that you could be anywhere in the world and still be able to work which is pretty awesome!


Have you got any work hacks you could share?

My only work hack (if it’s even a hack) that has helped me a lot, and it sounds quite basic, but being organised and working with structure helps! Working in a company that deals with different clients, all wanting different things for different industries can be quite overwhelming and chaotic if you’re not organised.


Where do you look for inspiration: a person, a blog, a brand?

Looking at websites like ThemeForest and Colorlib helps with inspiration for websites. Also looking at what competitors are doing and seeing how you could improve helps with creativity!


Quick fire round:

Tea or coffee?

I like both so it depends on what mood / how I’m feeling.

Favourite biscuit?

I actually don’t really eat / like biscuits.

Omnivore or vegetarian?


Mac or Windows?


Favourite genres of music (e.g. classical, jazz, blues, folk, country, pop, rock, metal, disco, house, rap, trance, EDM)?

EDM, just because I know how to make it, but I like most genres.

5 musical artists you enjoy listening to?

Diplo, Virtual Riot, Datsik, Oliver Tree and Grandson.

All-time favourite song?

Umm.. that’s a hard one! I don’t think I have a favourite.. A better question for me would be “All-time favourite 10 songs” haha!

Favourite chart song of the past two years?

Same answer as above.

Morning or night person?


Favourite subject(s) at school?

English and PE (Physical Education)

Cereal or toast?

Both but I normally have cereal in the evening (weird, I know).

Item you couldn’t live without?

My dog, Loki.

Work-life balance or workaholic?

Work-life balance.

Favourite country?

I really love and miss Zimbabwe. Great weather and fantastic outdoor activities.

Thing you’ve missed most in lock-down?

I really miss going on holiday and travelling with family!

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