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GWS Media App Picks: Thursday 20th March 2014

20th March 2014
GWS Team

Today's picks can assist with loads of different things: Medium helps to interest and entertain during times of boredom and Moovit seems a great tool for daily scheduling your travel and organisation.

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App 1: Medium


Medium: This is the hot new website from Twitter co-founder, Ev Williams.

It has already acquired thirteen million unique monthly users.

The website is a self-publishing platform that expects to eliminate the world of blogging.

The website susses out the best content using a combination of algorithms and human guidance, and then promotes certain content through official collections like 'front page picks'.

Apparently, though, through the phone app you will only be able to view, not upload.

Set to hit stores next week! 


App 2: Moovit

Moovit: This app lets you track public transport within the UK, and can help you plan the quickest and least-crowded routes for you.

It also provides an estimated travel time, using a combination of real-time data from transport companies and public updates to give you a journey that is as stress-free as possible.

Maps and pictures are also included, along with a function that lets you set alarms for your most frequented routes.

However, it should be noted that Moovit does not accurately report the number of people waiting, which could be very problematic in busier cities such as London. 


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