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Hashtag your Holiday

16th June 2014

Are you going away this summer, or are you just excited to Instagram a picture of your toes by the poolside?

Maybe you are writing for a travel blog or even aspiring to start one?

Anyway, whichever way, I assume that if you're reading this it's probably to incease yours or somebody's likes and followers - which is good, so lets go! 

Reading over the Jet set Fam website, Nicole indulges us in the hashtags that are working for her and shares some of her crucial tips in being instafamous.

Another notable read is this one from Katja at Kimbaco Lifestyle.

They're kinda walking their talk, so suck it up. 

Anyway - here's a quick infographic with some Instgram tips on:

Some of them are simple musings, but many are transferable and would be useful for personal and professional uses.


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