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Hidden messages behind 10 Logos

7th April 2014
GWS Team

Many logos are instantly recognisable but probably because you have seen them on a shop front, a carrier bag or their website.

Yet many logos have subliminal messages which may possibly go completely unnoticed, however when they are realised the viewer will likely be very happy with themself. 

Logos can be noticeable for many different reasons, and some will maybe even bring on feelings because of factors such as colour.

However, the most important factor is that it grabs your attention and that it's recognisable.

Here's ten awesome logos that we love, all with hidden messages.


Circus of Magazines

Here, the circus tent is representative of a magazine. 


The 'i' and the 'L' form a pencil shape

Tic Toc

The 'I' and the 'O' represent a pendulum from a clock


A swarm of bees that form the letter B

Web Girls

The mouse cursor and the dot combined form the logo of a female


Both 'i' are missing from the word


The back of the book also looks like a cup of coffee


A cow and a zebra combined

X Mas

The bottom half of the X looks like a Christmas tree

Mister Cutts

The bottom of the scissor also represent a moustache 

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