28th September 2012 Social Media 0 comments

However, there's never a surefire way to predict whether an idea will or won't catch on. Running competitions like Domino Pizza's is a great way to get started and to build an online customer base, but users will start to get weary if the competitions are too frequent or similar.

The best approach is to use a meme that is as natural and subtle as possible - you may also find that it takes a while for your ideas to lift off, patience and persistence is key. If your target audience feels as though you're simply enjoying the memes, rather directly promoting your brand, they're far more likely to identify with your message and help to spread it.

Networking and research are also crucial. A huge part of the success of any meme is down to the fact that people with a mass following have shared the content. Building up influential contacts through your social media channels is always a good move. 

Similarly, you don't want to run the risk of creating or sharing a meme that's become obsolete – you can keep up to date with real-time trending sites can help you to keep your finger on the pulse: RedditStumble Upon and Topsy

These are our tips but if you'd like to throw any more our way we'd be happy to hear them, even better, why not send us a meme? 

Image by Gwyneth Anne Bronwynne Jones