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Meet Our New Account Manager- Amy Edwards

22nd February 2016
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We are delighted to welcome Amy Edwards onto our Digital Marketing team!

Returning from a few months’ travelling in Central and South America, Amy has got stuck in at GWS immediately.

She’s been kept busy meeting clients and sharing her performance marketing knowledge with the team over the past few weeks.

Here’s your chance to learn more about Amy!


Amy specialises in Performance Marketing

“Specialising in performance marketing and lead generation has enabled me to really focus on gaining the most ROI possible for clients. For me, performance is everything. Your website is the hub of your online marketing, so I’m a big believer in optimising this to the fullest so that you can gain the most out of your web traffic.”


Amy likes to keep up with the latest industry developments

“I’m a big fan of the phrase ‘onwards and upwards’. Development is a huge part of business and you should always strive to push onwards and do better. I use this in every aspect of my life, and secretly hate myself for the number of marketing and development books I read in the evenings when I should be doing something cool like playing Call of Duty! But if you ever need to know what Drayton Bird thinks about sales letters, or Mark Schafer thinks about the ROI on social, or Ian Cooper on the 3 Principles of business development: I’m your girl.”


Amy has a massive bucket-list

“I have a never-ending bucket list: visiting Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras and Guatemala over Christmas helped cross off a few things; paddle boarding, canyoneering, surfing, seeing Mayan temples, trekking through the rainforests and swimming with dolphins to name a few! There were a few scary moments travelling around Honduras, but it was a great experience and I can’t wait for my next adventure. My latest additions to the bucket list are to see Florida’s Rainbow River and Japan’s ‘Bunny Island’, definitely to be Googled if you haven’t seen them yet."


Amy’s hero is her grandad

“My grandad can only be described as awesome. He’s taught me how to do DIY like a pro, has taught me about gardening, playing cards and probably most importantly – how to play pool. Not that I often beat him, but a girl can try. I’ve been secretly practising at a sports bar so the next time I see him I may get lucky.”


On joining GWS Media…

“I’m really excited to join the team here at GWS. Digital Marketing is a huge part of marketing and when integrated properly into marketing plans can be a huge asset.”

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