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Our Digital Marketing Team 'Levels Up' AGAIN

28th August 2015
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GWS got a little bit bigger last week – and a little bit younger – as we welcomed on board Jack Roebuck.

Jack studies Business Management with Marketing at UWE, and is joining us for a year, as part of the digital marketing team.

So, what will he bring to the mix…?

Jack likes people

“It sounds like a simple thing to say, but I’m definitely a people person. I like bringing people together, and engaging with groups, so I suppose that’s why I’m interested in social media and the digital aspect of marketing. I’m curious about communities – how they work, how they develop, how they communicate. I don’t think so much in terms of static brands, more ongoing social interactions.”

Jack is cosmopolitan

“Well, I lived in Switzerland when I was a teenager, so I suppose that’s a little bit cosmopolitan! In all seriousness, I think it did me a lot of good to spend some formative years outside the UK. I can’t say I loved all the intense economics and challenging French lessons, I’m sure I’ll be grateful one day!”

Jack runs in the family

“There were lots of reasons for me to head to Bristol, not least that my brother had already come, and studied here. Through him, I got to know the city, and could see right away that it was a great place to learn about, and work in, marketing. My Dad also works within the business sector, so I suppose I’m not being very original… joking aside, my family have always supported me in anything I choose to do for which I am very grateful”

Jack likes to learn

“It’s going to be great fun at GWS trying to put into practice what I’ve learned in a university context. The lecturers at UWE know the importance of real-world experience, but also do a great job of introducing you to some important theoretical ideas that influence marketing practice. I remember one particular lecture, where a guest lecturer came in and spoke about innovation to us opening my eyes to the idea that everything changes, develops and improves at an extremely fast rate in particular, technology. This is one of the main reasons I am pleased to be a part of GWS as they offer the latest website design, digital marketing and other techniques to get the best results for their clients.

Jack plays the drums

“I do. I first started drumming when I was 11. After a few lessons, I decided that it would be enjoyable to teach myself and learn to drum the way I wanted to. 9 years on, I have been fortunate enough to drum for a band in Germany and play shows in both Switzerland and Germany. Since moving to Bristol, I have had to leave the band, which was a tough decision, but my love and passion for music will always be a part of who I am.”

Jack has already made a great start at GWS Media. After some intense initial training, he has been working on real client projects, writing and updating content through content management systems. We are thrilled to have him aboard the GWS team.


Update, September 2019: Jack stayed on at GWS part-time until the summer of 2017 and was a consistently valued and productive member of the promotional team. Then he obtained full-time employment with another agency. We wish him well for the future!

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