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Our Working Process

30th October 2020
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Whatever the project, at GWS we endeavour to attain results for our clients by working with thorough and professional processes and bringing to bear our extensive knowledge and experience in all fields of digital marketing.

We Do Our Research

We begin every project in the same way by carrying out detailed research to ensure we have a good understanding of our client and their project requirements. We also analyse the potential competitors within their online marketplace in order to gain further understanding of what a project may need to include.

These investigations put us in the best possible position to help meet the client’s needs throughout the process of the working relationship. The more knowledge we can attain prior to a project, the better equipped we are to make our own recommendations.

We Meet The Client

We arrange an initial meeting with every client to gain further clarity on the client’s business and to get an understanding of their aim for the project. This is an important part of the process as details may come up in conversation or as the client is explaining their needs that perhaps might not have been mentioned in a previous email conversation regarding the project.

We believe a strong client relationship is of paramount importance to the success of a project. During the project, we keep up clear and regular communications as well as arranging for periodic follow-up meetings and calls. Regular communication enables a project to keep moving forward as any niggles can then be quickly and responsively resolved, and items that the client is required to approve can be addressed in a timely fashion. Likewise, if the client has questions or their needs change during a project, clear communication means that we can offer flexibility and adapt as needed.

We Create Ideas

Using input from the client and our own experience, we propose and explore ideas and options that we think would help to solve the client’s problem.

This part of the process tends to be very collaborative, leaning on all team members’ creative qualities. Working this way enables ideas to form, grow and develop through discussion, so we are left with the strongest possible outcomes.

We Present Designs

We create and present a variety of design options that our professional designers have put together. Alongside these, we offer explanation on our design choices to give visibility to the client as to why a certain decision was made and how each design may work in practice. Working this way gives the client a full view of our thinking process and aids them in making any decisions.

We request feedback from our clients so that their own preferences are considered.

We Revise / Make Changes

Taking note of the feedback from the previous review stage, we revise our designs in line with this. We will also look at any other amendments that may be needed, arising from questions or queries posed by the client in the previous stage.

Updated designs are then presented back to the client for further feedback or sign-off. If additional revisions are needed, we always ensure that our lines of communication are open so we can be sure to meet the expectations of the client and deliver in producing what they had in mind.

We Publish The Work

Once we have been through the design and review stages and the designs have been signed off by the client, we are then able to develop them into their final working form ready for publication. We will again ask the client to review at this stage in order to allow us to implement any last-minute tweaks that may be wanted before they can give the final sign-off. Once we have this, we are then ready to go live.

Following publication of the finished designs, we remain on hand and ready to help if any additional changes are requested to the live site.

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