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Pinterest for Business - Webinar

19th May 2014

This week we logged in to listen to the Pinterest webinar with Melanie Duncan.

Melanie is a self proclaimed Pinterest expert, having turned her business around with the power of social media, strategy and, most importantly, converting through Pinterest.

Many people haven't completely grasped just how important visual platforms are, even now; however, this is the lady to convince you as she is actually doing it herself!

As the fourth largest traffic driver worldwide and more people trusting Pinterest for purchasing, I know we're listening....

Anyway, we felt like it was a little bit selfish to keep all the good stuff to ourselves, so we're sharing it in a blog post with you.

If you're not aware, Pinterest is a social platform where people can share images from any website- possibly yours or theirs!

80% of pins are re-pinned, so if they're attractive enough and shared, you could potentially be promoting your business or product.

Pinterest is driving more traffic to websites compared to Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter combined!

Also, there's over 10 million people using Pinterest with Facebook connected - which is a possibility for further promotion on other platforms!

Another notable statistic is that fewer than 5% of tweets are re-tweeted, proving how marginally shareable Pinterest is. 

Firstly, type using the formula[] (substituting the actual domain of your website) into your search bar, and it will reveal everything that's been pinned from your website. This is particuarly important, because you could start off the pinning of your images. 

Secondly, put a pin button on your website and then add a button to your Facebook account.

It's vital that people can easily re-pin your images, as it's easily enabling other people to promote you - perfect! 

Finally, make sure you're signed up to a Pinterest Business account, as that will unlock Pinterest Analytics for you. This will be very interesting for understanding who is viewing your Pinterest account, what's bringing people there, and if there's leverage in turning them into clients. 

- There may be no leads, but sometimes it's good to just know these things!

It's important to represent how visual and informative you can be with Pinterest.

Even if you're not a photographer or fashion brand, this is a platform to prove how creative you are; upload images to different boards, ensure they're yours, and wait for them to be shared.

Once they're shared and people link back to your website or profile, they have the potential to be turned into clients.

Also, as you can pin your Instagram images, why not create a company Instagram account and use it to share images of the office flowers, your latest app shots, your lunch, and staff parties? These are fun things people like seeing, so they'll soon share them! 

(Here's a useful article on how to pin your Instagram images to Pinterest.)

Another thing to do is create infographics.

Here we've made some about Pinterest activity - what do you think?

Websites like Picture Monkey & are great for such tasks.

Maybe even making a checklist would be a good idea, something relative to your area - by doing this, it's easy to incporporate useful and shareable content without constantly changing your website.


Secret boards

Well, you can build up to three secret boards, which enables you to build boards in advance - so say for example your Autumn-Winter collection or Spring-time menu is not set to be released yet but you want your Pinterest account prepped, do it secretly and share at a later date.

This is essentially enabling you to schedule all of your boards, which can be strategically released at the highest record of traffic.


Final thoughts 

I hope from this post you have picked up a few pointers along the way and realise that Pinterest isn't quite the minefield you thought.

With a few simple tweaks to your activity, you will see increased engagement and therefore more investment from your time.

Please let us know how you get on with your Pinning, and what results you obtain.

Also, don't forget to check out our wonderful Pinterest boards too!

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