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Positive Things to come out of the covid-19 lockdown

21st May 2020
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The global pandemic of novel SARS-type coronavirus has been very distressing for the whole of humanity. But it is surely healthy to find glimmers of hope in times of hardship and upset, so we consider some of the positive things that have emerged as a by-product of the national lockdown here in the UK.

See our infographic about positive things to come out of the coronavirus lockdown below. A text version is now also displayed beneath it.

Spending More Times with Loved Ones

Whether you’ve moved to working from home or been furloughed, the chances all you’ll have been able to spend more time with loved ones, either because they live at home with you, or because you’ve had more time to talk with them over the ‘phone or through video-chats.

The Rise of Online Grocery & Meal Delivery

The lockdown has forced people to eat at home and increased the demand for home delivery services, both of groceries and of ready-prepared meals. Online grocery shopping can be a huge time-saver compared with taking a trip to the stores, and who doesn’t like a hot meal delivered to their door once in a while?

Learning or Rediscovering a Hobby

Freed from the daily commute to and from work, a lot of people have found they have more time available for neglected hobbies and interests. Perhaps you’ve taken up writing, painting or crafts again? Or just spent more time reading books,  playing games and doing the crosswords? Whatever it may be, we hope you’ve benefitted from the opportunity.

Help for the Elderly & Infirm

Whether you’re an employee who has been furloughed, or you run a business that is not allowed to operate during the lockdown, you’ll probably have had opportunities to volunteer your time to help others in greater need. Perhaps you’ve found a behind-the-scenes role supporting the NHS, or maybe you’ve just been checking on your elderly or infirm neighbours, for whom the virus is so dangerous that it isn’t safe for them to go out, and you’ve offered to help with their shopping.

Pollution Levels Have Gone Down

The dramatic reduction in personal travel and in heavy industrial activity has brought down air pollution levels to about half their normal levels or less. This reminds us all of the importance of greening our economy for the future, so that we can get back to living in a healthier environment as our ancestors did before us.

Clean Hands are Back in Fashion

If you’re the sort of person who winces every time you feel obliged to shake someone’s hand at a business function where food is also being served, because it just isn’t hygienic, then you may be relieved that society has become much more hygiene-conscious during the coronavirus crisis, and most people are washing their hands a lot more consistently than they used to.

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