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SONY: #reinvented

17th April 2014

Fallon raised the bar for Sony in 2005 with the release of their Bravia advert; you know the one, the one with 250,000 brightly coloured balls, bouncing through the streets of San Francisco. 

Yeah, that one.

When we asked the team in the GWS office 65% of employees remembered it, which isn't bad for an advertisement that is nine years old. Right?

But, we're not the only ones who thought so either; Fallon were also awarded with a Young Guns award for such a brilliant idea executed so well.

They also won awards from the Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival, the Midsummer Awards in 2006 and to top it off, Advertising Age describes it as the one of the best TV ads of the decade

So, you've had this golden idea with a great deal of success - now what?


You re-invent it, of course!

Sony have cashed in on their success by replacing the bouncy balls with petals, then having them burst from a volcano and rush down the streets of Costa Rica.

What is very impressive, is that they actually used real petals. Impressed? So are we. 

They say that their original aim was to convey that their quality was like no other, but this time around it was to portray the excellent focus of their new 4k TVs.

This time Sony used the agency McCann who have done just as good of a job. They have also managed to incorporate a similarly catchy electronic song to accompany the advertisement's action and brightly coloured visuals.

It will be interesting to see what awards this advertisement acquires, not to mention what they might come up with in another subsequent re-make.

We know we'd appreciate another one!

If you're interested, why not take a look at these videos from Sony for behind the scenes information:

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Images courtesy of Design Boom

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