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Sumac berries, Facebook Narcissists and Foul-Mouthed Local Authorities...

3rd September 2010
GWS Team

GWS has been hard at work promoting a client who runs courses in wedding planning- some pleasant surprises have come our way just from a few tweaks to the anchor text on some key directory listings. Worth remembering! 

And have you ever tried to buy sumac berries in London? Our clients Find That Ingredient have...It’s always a pleasure researching new markets for our varied search engine promotion accounts; there’s always something new to learn. As Drew Hawkin's post mentions (see below), you should always take a step back and look at the broader links between your online marketing strategy- no doubt, you can spend your time more productively if you give it just ten minutes thought. 

In this week’s round-up,

What do you think of the redesign of Digg? We’re not going to weigh in any further into the impassioned debate about whether the redesign is anti-democratic or “breaks the convenant” of its promises...but the response has been interesting in itself, as The Guardian writes.

Take care, and we'll be back next week to see what you thought of our introduction to selling ethical and green products on the web.

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