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Twitter Lists: Why and How to Use Them

9th February 2012
GWS Team


As an additional note to our blog post last week: Social Media Strategy: Building Your Network, we thought that it would be worth mentioning how and why to use Twitter lists, as they offer another element of social media strategy that can assist with building your network.


What are Twitter Lists?

Twitter's list function allows you to group twitter accounts you follow into specific categories.

If you go to your list of followers and then click on the head icon to the right of any particular person, this will show a dropdown menu including the option to 'add to list'.

If you click on this, another box will appear which allows you to create a new list, or add to an existing one.

If you make your list public, then other people can follow your list.


Why should you use Twitter Lists?

We think there are 3 main benefits to using Twitter lists:


1. Lists allow you to focus.

The more people you follow on Twitter, the more the information being offered can start to feel unmanageable.

Creating a list allows you to focus on one section of the conversation - if you group people you follow by particular themes or business networks, then you can focus on one element of your interest at once.

This is particularly useful if you follow a range of different people on Twitter.


2. Lists are a useful resource.

If you've grouped other users into a group based on a particular area of your business or on an aspect of your local community, then this offers other users a potentially useful resource.

Because other people can follow your lists (as long as you make them public) then this provides the opportunity for them to see who you regard as important in a particular area.

Creating and curating lists on Twitter can therefore offer an additional resource to your peers, clients or potential clients - it signals your knowledge of an area and lets others access it.

Equally, you can get inspiration from the lists other people have curated and ideas on who to follow.


3. Lists are inclusive

Adding people to a list on Twitter signals that you see them as important and relevant to a particular topic.

This acknowledgement of their worth is a useful addition to the ways you can build your network on social media - it generates good feeling, and has the potential to lead to a reciprocal communication.


Now it's your turn!

Have you been using the lists feature on Twitter in another way?

Would you like to showcase your Twitter resources?

Please include a link to your Twitter account in the comments below and we will have a look at your use of Twitter lists.

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