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Web Video, Drizzle, Doughnuts, Dragon Dictation!

24th September 2010
GWS Team

Doughnut Shop in Cabot Circus

Firstly: what is the excitement about a certain doughnut shop opening in Cabot Circus? 

GWS doesn't quite get the appeal...Willing to be convinced!


We’re surrounded in Bristol central by bakeries and street stalls making fresh, organic cakes and pastries, so there’s clearly something we at GWS are missing in this hype....

Enlighten us if you know what it is! (Particularly if you come from Winston-Salem in North Carolina where the items in question were born....)


GWS News of the Week

This week, we've been hard at work creating a new video in our online video guide to website design - view it here for an easy to follow introduction to online marketing and maximising your website’s impact. We’d be happy to have your feedback!

We’re also getting excited for Brisfest this weekend, despite what seems to be the death knell of summer being sounded, with a solid week of drizzle keeping us indoors.

Also this week, GWS went to the Access Ability 2010 show held at Armada House, Bristol and run by Iansyst.

This event showcases software, applications and other technology to assist the visually impaired or other users of computers who need specifically tailored technology, such as those who are dyslexic.

It was particularly interesting to learn about new software on offer for Windows and Macs; from digital voice recorders to Dragon dictation apps for the iPod and iPad.

We’d like to thank particularly Lee Evan who was extremely helpful and informative.

Here’s an example of a website we’ve designed which is optimised for the visually impaired/dyslexic: Lynne Fernandes Opticians in Bristol.

If you want to know more, get in touch with us.


News in social media and online marketing:

  • Is traditional PR being outdone by social media agencies?
  • Do you work in PR or the media? Are you trying to get interviews or a public audience with someone busy, famous, or unattainable? Here’s tips on how to get interviews from someone on the other side of the equation.
  • Internet Week Europe is coming soon. Being busy with websites to build, clients to promote, and our own Bristol-based events to organize and attend, we might not make it. But we’ll certainly be keeping an eye on this website.
  • Do you work in a charity? Are you trying to use the internet to fuel donations? This infographic might give you some ideas...
  • Fascinating talk by Chris Anderson on internet video, whether you agree with his premise or not: How web video powers global innovation.


Do find us on Twitter or Facebook and let us know what you think about any or all of these issues - and if you're in Bristol, do enjoy Brisfest! See you next week.

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