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Weekly Round-Up: Blogging Tips, Social Media Tools and Beautiful Information

4th May 2012
GWS Team

It might have been raining all week in Bristol, but fortunately the only flooding going on at the GWS Media office has been the amount of enquiries coming in.

We've just gone live with a new website for Social Welfare Training, a professional resource for anyone who works with or advises people who might need to know their welfare rights, and we've submitted a new Blackberry App to Blackberry App World.

We've also been busy doing promotional work for women's occasion wear specialist Eleganza Clothing and Health and Safety Consultants Safety Horizon.


Businesses using social media

We've got some good articles for bloggers this week, with 10 proven blog ideas and examples to combat bloggers block and Heidi Cohen on How to Create Fail-Proof Blog posts.

There are so many social media tools out there designed to help and refine your use of various platforms, it can be difficult to decide which are the best, so we always find Social Media Examiner's posts about Social Media tools of interest, especially when they focus on the free ones.

Jeff Bullas wrote about something similar this week, offering 5 tips on how to turn Twitter into your most powerful social media tool.

App marketing is quite a complex undertaking, so we were pleased to see Tweak Your Biz's take on it, with 9 tips to prevent your App becoming a needle in the 600,000 Apps Haystack.

Mashable informed us that as of this week Instagram has got 50 Million users (having had only 15 Million in January) - it's also fascinating to see what big brands are doing with this platform, so have a look at their list of 25 celebrity users.


Art & Design

Not much to say about technology this week, and we were amazed at the news that Edvard Munch's The Scream was sold at auction for a record $120 million.

Elsewhere, we've been enjoying some amazing interactions between design and information, like these examples of information graphics for a new book, and the ways the London Tube map has been used as inspiration for other subjects.

We thought we'd end the week and start the long bank holiday weekend with this amazing tilt-shift time-lapse video of Venice in a day:

Venice in a Day from Joerg Niggli on Vimeo.


Now it's your turn!

If you've featured any useful tips, advice or other interesting posts on your blog about technology, social media or design, please add a link to it in the comments below!

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