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Weekly Round-Up: Google Penguin 2.0, the Bank Holiday Weekend and a Digital Orchestra

24th May 2013
GWS Team

Mayfest Performance 'Still night'

Mayfest Performance 'Still Night'


We have been enjoying the unusual theatre of Mayfest this week. In particular, the dizzy heights of The Great Spavaldos - the audience get to wear video goggles and headphones, true immersion!

This bank holiday weekend is going to be a festival packed one in Bristol - UpfestVegfest, Love Saves the Day in Castle Park.

This week at GWS we have had meetings with a company that specialises in providing Languedoc holiday villas and we met with No More Gloves - the interesting alternative to latex gloves.

We've also been working on an Android app and started a very exciting iphone app project.


The Google Penguin is back 

This Thursday, Google released another update to their algorithm which may affect the visibility of some websites.

The updates have been released to try to counter generally unnatural and black-hat methods of linkbuilding and SEO.

You can read more about these updates on Matt Cutt's blog (Google's own rep).

If you've noticed a noticeable change with regards to your enquiries, traffic or general visibility this last week and would like to discuss these things further, feel free to contact us via the main GWS website.


Online marketing and social media for businesses

Who are your social media audience?


Anyone looking to get started with blogging, this 10 step framework for building a blog looks at branding, design, content and building social networks.

Social media revolves around communities of audiences who are listening in, sharing ideas and develop into markets.

Does your business know your social media audience?

Posts on social media we found useful this week include examples of calls to action on a Facebook cover photo, being able to send pins and other new Pinterest features and using Google+ to promote content through multimedia.

Multimedia and multi-device search are growing rapidly.

Here are 3 steps for how to succeed in a multi device search world, with infographics, statistics and visual examples.

Google Chrome has implemented new updates for desktop and mobile, including voice search, and with Google Glass on its way into the pubic domain, here's an amusing video demonstrating the potential perils of Google Glass. 

If you're setting up a new company or brand, it's important to think about defining a brand voice - this post offers 4 ways to do just that.

And here are 5 tips on link building, including the importance of quality over quantity, and repairing broken links.


Art, design and technology:

Illustrations by Gracia Lam


We're interested to see the development of Quantum dot technology for use in smartphones and TVs, which uses light emitting nano-particles to generate brighter on-screen colours.

We were also taken by this digital orchestra performance, which used mobile devices and WiFi to play 'Carmen'.

Some designs we came across this week include a stylish solar kettle, a dog cam camera mount for a dogs eye movie, and a design idea for transforming a skyscraper into an urban wind farm.

We also like the idea and style of this sail boat fountain on the beach of Valencia.

These illustrations by Gracia Lam were our artistic choice for this week and we were impressed by these Japanese artworks created using Excel!

This photographic compilation of buildings as art also caught our eye.

Excel artwork

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