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Weekly Round-Up: Real Cost of Social Media, Twitter Privacy and Lego Walls?

27th May 2011
GWS Team
Last weekend at Stokes Croft Streetfest


It's nearly bank holiday weekend, and we're looking forward to getting out and about in Bristol to take advantage of all the great events on offer!

Recently, we've been working on a new website for a building company and adding a big photo gallery of the projects they've worked on, which can be kept up to date as more projects are completed.

We've also been working on new enhancements to the website for online Butchers Gribbles in Devon - which, in combination with the great weather we've had recently, has definitely been contributing to thinking about all the barbecues we could have this summer!

Here's what's been catching our eyes this week:


Enhancing your Facebook business page with photos

Ok, so you've set up a Facebook page for your business, but what next?

This article offers some potentially useful tips on enhancing your page with photos - as Facebook offers such a visual format for interaction, this is a very important step to consider.


Social Media: Return on Investment Analysis and Injunctions

If you're worried about the ROI of social media, this infographic might change your mind: a detailed breakdown of the real cost of social media, the research done by Focus indicates just how effective it can be.

Over the last week, social media has been at the centre of the row about super injunctions, with the names of famous people being revealed on Twitter.

Now that users are being prosecuted for such infractions, Twitter has said that it will protect users' rights to defend themselves.

This interesting article looks at the issue in more depth, asking whether the law can really keep up with the way the internet is used.


Other Stories:

Photos taken by Commuters

However you commute to work, you might enjoy this gallery of photos taken by commuters - there are some very striking perspectives given here.


Fitness Apps

Wanting to get fit for the summer?

Well, of course there is now an App that can help: The Independent's list of the top 10 Health and Fitness Apps.


Bristol Trade Show

Yesterday we blogged about how much we love Bristol.

But now here's another reason to celebrate the city, as news of a major environmental trade show in October has been announced by Bristol247.


Lego Wall

And finally, we couldn't resist this: if you fancy a bit of interior decorating, how about a lego wall?

Too much? via @swissmiss

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