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Weekly Round-Up: Social media statistics, blogging 'voice' and mirror photography

5th October 2012
GWS Team
Moscow State Circus by Rictor Norton & David Allen


We were very impressed with all the fit and determined runners who took part in the Bristol Half Marathon last Sunday.

Well done to everyone who took part and contributed.

If you missed it, here are a few pictures of the race from Bristol Culture

This week we have been working on print design including a folder and presentation material for a London Intellectual Property company, and designing a new site for renowned Bristol artist, Linda Alvis.

This weekend among the exciting attractions are the Moscow State Circus which will be entertaining Bristol until 14th October.

The Art on the Hill 2012 poster


We also look forward to the Art on the Hill - the 6th Windmill Hill and Victoria Park art trail, which will be packed with music, performances and art workshops starting tomorrow.

Sounds like another fun-filled weekend!


For Businesses Using Social Media:

Twitter 2012 Infographic by Infographic Labs


Recently we have written a lot about blogging for business.

If you or someone else in your business is writing a blog and putting a lot of effort into it, are you getting the responses and interaction you want?

Why is no one engaging with your company blog?

Do you need a more distinctive 'voice'?

If your blog looks rather neglected, Heidi Cohen offers some useful advice on how to prevent your blog from looking like a 'ghost town'.

These editing tips may also be relevant if you want to improve your blog-writing skills.

It is now generally accepted that social media is a powerful business marketing tool, though some companies may question the return they make from it.

As we all like to see some facts and figures now and again, Jeff Bullas has prepared a useful collection of infographics showing the recent facts and figures on social media.


Art & Design:

'The Edge Effect ' project by Daniel Kukla


This week we have come across many useful resources for designers; for instance some inspiring examples of illustrated elements in web design, a nice selection of free textures and this review of web apps for new web developers.

In terms of art, this interesting photography project by Daniel Kukla caught our eye.

In his series, the Edge Effect, the artist used very simple tools such as a mirror, easel and camera to highlight environmental contrasts of Joshua Tree National Park, California.

Incredibly simple, yet very effective.

And finally, a real-life woman who transforms herself into a Japanese, anime-style, flowery fairy.

Here is a make-up tutorial from Anastasiya Shpagina demonstrating her metamorphosis:


Now it's your turn:

If you've featured any useful tips, advice or interesting posts on your blog this week with regards to social media, website design or any related subject, please add a link in the comments below.

We'd love to hear from you!

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