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World Cup Advertising Hype: #itshappening

17th April 2014

Getting Ready for the 2014 World Club 


In two months time the World Cup will be getting into full swing; the streets will be quieter, die hard fans will be flying all over the world, others will be huddled around television sets with their peers, and many others (the uninterested crowd) might be indulging in a shopping trip or simply taking advantage of the lower foot fall in many public areas. 


Putting the general public's habitual reactions to the World Cup aside, we thought we'd look into how some of the biggest known brands usually get involved with the hype associated with sporting events like this.


Which brands and adverts have reigned supreme over the years, and what has been part of the build up to 2014?


Last Tuesday, Nike unveiled their latest 2014 World Cup campaign advert, which you can see on their Nike Football Youtube channel.


We think it is engaging, inventive and they've already received good feedback via comments on Youtube. The video is cleverly named  'Risk Everything' alluding to the excitement and thrill of the World Cup, suggesting that anything can happen in a game.

In the video, they've focused on a few different teams, each with their own unique approach but all including humour and highly recognizable stars.


Here is a couple:


VISA also released this video last December of, believe it or not, going into a barber shop (it is connected to the world cup, we promise).


It takes a slightly different angle from the Nike approach, but all the same, we think it is a pretty successful follow up to their 2010 advertisement by Saatchi & Saatchi.




Pepsi & Coca Cola Fight it Out

Pepsi has invested two years into advertisement featuring Janelle Monae and covering the David Bowie track "Heroes". They're trying to encourage a team spirit and it is interesting to see them attempt to build a theme tune from their campaign


Pepsi's Global chief marketing officer, Kristin Patrick, said in a phone interview:


“It’s in 130 countries, and also we have a large body of content from television, short films, digital content. We have events happening every single month leading to up to the summer.”


It is clear that Pepsi is trying to make a massive impact this year and we're eager to see how their campaigning during the world cup season unfolds.


Whether you're a fan of the World Cup or not, what do you make of the spirit in the advertisements? Do they encourage a feeling of being united? Tweet us



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