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B2C Optimisation Drives Revenue at Party Events Booker

Web design, Development, SEO
Lead time
30 weeks
Working relationship
2 years

An events company specialising in stag and hen dos with a variety of entertainment and locations available wanted to boost business by improving their website and their PPC campaign.

An events company needed more enquiries

 A redesigned website for an events company needed to convert traffic to enquiries at a higher level. We investigated:

  • How users navigated the site when given typical tasks to perform
  • What they found difficult to achieve on the site
  • What needed to change to improve the initial impact, and to make the user journeys better and simpler for two distinct target markets

Re-focusing the design on customer benefits and creating a clear journey

GWS implemented a conversion-oriented design strategy that encourages users to click through and engage with the company’s services. It was important to make the decision-making process as straightforward as possible.

  • Visual design with images and vibrant colours draws the user’s eye to key calls to action
  • Page design and copy centered around key moments in the user journey, creating an effective sales funnel
  • All commercial benefits of the service set out clearly, so customers could get an at-a-glance view of benefits
  • The contrast between the two customer bases made clear with opposing colour and imagery

Improving clickthroughs and revenue

The updated pages were easier to use with stronger messaging and calls to action, and appealed to both target markets.

The changes improved conversions by 40% by offering a more appealing user journey.


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