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Member Area Boosts Engagement for Retail aggregator

Wholesale of clothing and footwear
Web design, Development
Lead time
16 weeks
Working relationship
18 years

STAG Buying group helps connect single-outlet retailers and small retail chains in the sportswear, outdoor and shoe sectors with offers from big global brands that are exclusively available through STAG, as well as support and advice and help to improve profitability.

Showcasing global brands and encouraging retailer engagement 

STAG Buying Group provides global brands at a discounted rate to retail members. They wanted a website that promoted the advantages of membership and built the STAG brand alongside the famous brand names supplied. Key features:

  • a modern design where global brands would take pride of place and the advantages of membership would be clear
  • a streamlined customer journey
  • a members’ area for retailers providing unique member benefits and time-saving features

Fuller member experience drives conversions

We created an attractive, professional website that encourages retailers to sign up and keep engaging with the STAG brand.

  • The members’ area was redesigned to add more value to members
  • Interactive features were added including offers
  • Online account and balance tracking will save time, and increase efficiency by moving business processes online
  • A stock forum allows retailers to sell stock

New membership area for member retention

STAG members now have a better experience in the exclusive membership area of the site, encouraging engagement and loyalty.

Outside the members' area, STAG's branding is displayed to full effect within the framework of a custom-designed, mobile-friendly website.

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