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Print advertising is one of the oldest forms of marketing, but it still works! Whether you need a targeted print advert for a trade publication, local magazine or national newspaper- our graphic designers can help.

Consider the audience and reach of the publications you are targeting, and balance advertising costs with ad reach. (We can give you advice on where to advertise).

  • Print advertising is one of the oldest forms of marketing
  • Ad visuals and copy need to work in harmony
  • Print design should complement your digital presence
  • A print advert should be targeted and include a call to action
  • Advertise in the right publications to maximise return

In-house print advertisement designs

We can help you design and write the ideal print advert that will engage and delight. Our in-house copywriters and print designers manage the whole ad creation process from start to finish, so you'll have full control over its creative direction. We'll come up with some design concepts and ideas based on your brief and then you can feedback on our ideas.

We design and produce large print projects, as well as smaller black and white adverts. Every print advert is a potential lead and we'll make sure we get them just right for you.

  • Print design and print advertising help you widen your target audience
  • Print adverts must carefully balance copy and imagery
  • Print advertising must be in keeping with your brand

Marketing yourself in print

A good print advert makes people stop and listen. It's important that the advert is designed correctly so that is communicates the right brand message and will result in an upturn in leads and sales. Print advertising can be costly if not properly managed.

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GWS Media have over two decades of experience in all areas of online marketing work, from logo design and website design and development to copywriting, content marketing, SEO and email marketing. Contact us today for a chat about your project, and we'll be delighted to see if we can help.

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