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How the global pandemic changed the digital landscape this year


For individuals, many of our long-term habits have had to change and evolve. We explore these changes and what they mean for the future.

Tips for organising your business waste policy


With so many from the emerging generation of young consumers demanding environmentally sustainable modes of business so that the planet they inherit will remain a viable one, this is something that all businesses need to consider.

How a website can win over potential customers


We’re looking at all the ways in which you can make your website sing for both your customers and any potential customers. Win them over with the website of your business or brand with these few simple steps.

Different Types of Websites - Part 2


In this second part of the infographic, we explore ten more common types of website, including many that are not strictly business-related.

Different Types of Websites - Part 1


There are many different types of website; and while any attempt to categorise them is bound to be imperfect, there are some broad types based on their purpose and the type of organisation they are created for.

Why is video important?


Since the 2010s, video has become an increasingly important staple of the online browsing experience. In this infographic, we look at the ways in which it can benefit your business.