We love to work with international companies and with people from all around the world. Digital technology means that we are increasingly able to cross borders and work seamlessly with overseas clients.

  • We would love to meet you, so let's start with an hour's initial meeting.This could be either at our office in the UK (with no charge to you) or in your office (with the cost of travel, accommodation etc. being paid by you). We could also use video conferencing services like Skype to make the initial meeting easier for everyone involved. Just let us know what method you prefer!
  • We can then outline some initial estimates- we would do these for free and turn them around in 14 days.
  • When GWS had sent you our detailed estimates, you would be able to decide whether or not you wished GWS to undertake the work. We can clarify on any part of the suggested work if you're not quite sure.
  • Should GWS be instructed to do the work then we would convert the estimates into a quotation and provide the accompanying paperwork, including a formal contract and an invoice for the initial payment.