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Breaking GWS news: Our Bristol Unique Guide App for iPhone

30th November 2010
GWS Team

Now for news about a project we've been waiting to share with you all.

The first version of the Bristol Unique Guide, an App for the iPhone / iPod Touch is now available from the Apple App Store.

The GWS Free Guide to Bristol, is an App for locals and visitors alike, filled with our own pictures, some local history and local knowledge from the GWS team - proud Bristolians that we are!

We hope you enjoy the App as much as we did developing it.

We shall have more news on the other apps we are developing (and on updates to the Bristol App) in the coming months.


What is the Bristol Guide App?

GWS loves Bristol - and we want everyone who visits to love it too!

Designed for people visiting Bristol for the first time, our Bristol Unique Guide App showcases insider tips and interesting Bristol trivia like:

  • the best Bristol places to have lunch (trust us, we've tested most of them!).
  • historical facts about the many interesting old buildings that jump out at you on Bristol streets
  • the best place to walk your dog in and around Bristol centre
  • must-see sights, from the best Bristol festivals to the prettiest landmarks; and,
  • our favourite local places to visit (including bars, galleries, parks and pubs)


How do I use it?

Our Bristol Unique Guide couldn't be simpler.

Just navigate to what interests you, to see our images and information.

There are pictures to help you follow the guide more easily, and the Bristol Guide links to maps and directions so that you can get from one spot to another (to go from Avon Gorge to the closest recommended sandwich bar, for example!)


Where do I get the App from?

Just get the Bristol Unique Guide App from the Apple Store for free and the rest is up to you - just go for a walk in our lovely city (don't forget the dog!).

If you're visiting Bristol, give it go!

If you're a Bristol local, let us know what you think.

We welcome suggestions for inclusion - we know this first version only scratches the surface of all the amazing things that Bristol has to offer.

Is there a cafe, green space, or little known historical site you think should be added?

Find us on Twitter and let us know - or comment right here on the blog!

We'd love to hear your views.

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