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Guide to Business Uses for Social Media: Part 2: Why use it?

10th May 2010
GWS Team

What is Social Media and how do I use it?

Social Media is just another form of networking.

There was a time when email seemed like a novelty form of communication - before it became essential.

Social media has fast become one of the primary forms of staying in touch with friends, colleagues, customers, clients, vendors and for networking opportunities.

But on top of networking, the vast growth of the 'business applications' sector in social media has meant that there is a tool for everything.

You can sync your blog with your Facebook account, and view them both on your phone.

You can receive competitors or clients' blog posts to your email inbox.

Today, many businesses use social media for purposes such as recruiting, training, advertising and marketing, and research.

And it's never too late to get involved - these methods of networking can be very valuable for more traditional business sectors including law, finance, and even medicine.

It is important to recognise the huge potential social media might have for extending your marketing reach.

It probably will never replace more traditional forms of networking and advertising, but using Twitter and Facebook should complement your existing marketing methods.


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