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Why online promotion shouldn't be a closed book for small businesses: Part 2

20th October 2010
GWS Team

In our last post, we introduced this mini-series on how to take control of your online promotion campaign.

Its purpose?

GWS Media often hear local Bristol business owners saying they feel confused, daunted or simply bamboozled by the array of options for promoting businesses online - from pay-per-click to Facebook. So we decided to help!

This second post outlines Step 2 of taking control of your social media strategy.

Step 1 can be seen here.


2. Understand your own SEO campaign by being pro-active. 

Before you start paying someone for promotion, monitor your own positions in Google (clear your cache first) so you know where you are - and where you want to be. 

Use tools like Google Insight and Webmaster Tools so you don’t end up paying to rank for keywords that are very low-search-volume while missing the most important term (in other words, think about what your customers might want, not what you want).

The best way to stop that ‘helpless’ feeling coming on is to base your campaign on detailed discussions with a professional, one to whom you can ask questions and discuss progress with on a regular basis. 

As a bonus, your input will help them to be more successful for you; since as point #1 emphasises, the best online promotion campaigns are those which support and promote your real-life business activities.


Thanks for reading - we're always pleased to have feedback!

Our third step to taking control will be online very soon. In the meantime, you might want to browse our Beginner's Guides to social media for business. 

See you soon with Step 3!

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