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Why Should Your Business Create an App?

10th December 2010
GWS Team

Our last blog post broke the exciting news of our newly launched Bristol Unique Guide App, now available for the iPhone/iPod Touch from the Apple App Store.

This week we’d like to explain a little more about what exactly an app is, and how creating your own app could benefit your business.

App is short for Application, an interactive or informative programme available to users of Smartphones (such as the iPhone and mobile devices).

With over 300,000 apps currently available for download from the Apple Store alone, the trademarked 'there’s an app for that' tagline is not far from the truth.

Whether you’re trying to navigate the London Tube system, interact on Twitter or attend a meeting online, there really is something for everybody.


The growing popularity of apps and interactive devices like the iPhone and iPad represents an exciting marketing opportunity for all kinds of business.

It’s not always easy to make your company stand out from its competitors – launching your own app is a way to present your products or services in a fresh and interesting way.

And by choosing a design that is in line with your company branding, you can ensure that your app achieves maximum visual impact.

Barclaycard’s ‘Waterslide Extreme’ game builds upon its successful TV advert in which a commuter travels to work by rollercoaster, stopping en route at a coffee shop and paying with his ‘touch-and-pay’ credit card.

Both the advert and the game convey Barclaycard’s sleek ‘on-the-go’ image, bringing to life the ease and convenience of touch-and-pay.

Next week we’ll be going into more detail about the importance of design in the creation of your app, but for now here are our top 3 reasons for launching your very own app:

  1. Smartphones offer user interface capabilities that are unparalleled by other devices. If your App can utilise them, users will flock back time and time again. Apps are addictive!
  2. Apps are a multimedia paradise. Whether your business is best suited to video, images, audio or text – or a combination of all of them – an App can work for you.
  3. An App can directly market your products or services. While it’s a good idea to make your App interactive and entertaining, it can also act as a straightforward tool for potential customers to explore what you have to offer.

Check back next week for more App advice – in the meantime, find out more about GWS Media’s App creation by clicking here.

April Fools Day is coming. Prank your friends opening a never ending fake update screen on their computer. Sit back and watch their reaction.

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