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Our most-viewed digital marketing articles in 2022

20th December 2022
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Most viewed articles on GWS Media & Robotics, December 14, 2021 – December 13, 2022

1. 20 Different Types of Websites - Part 1:

Our two-part article that goes into detail on twenty different types of websites went live in June 2019. In December 2021, we shared a run-down of the Top 40 most viewed articles in 2021 (January 1st – December 5th). At this time, ‘20 Different Types of Websites’ sat in first position with a seemingly unassailable lead over the rest of the field. Reviewing the figures just over a year later shows that this article is still in the leading position by a vastly significant margin over its nearest competitor, recording an additional 27,157 unique page views in the space of the past twelve months - more than 4.8 times as many as the second-placed article shown below!

We wonder if we review it again this time next year whether it will still have such a commanding lead over the rest of the pack, or whether there is another article already written or that will be written in 2023 that will be starting to rein it in, with a view to perhaps eventually knocking it off the top spot, even if that might be years away now!

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2. Benefits and Risks of Social Media

Following publication in November 2017, our article ‘Benefits and Risks of Social Media’ quickly became our most-viewed piece of writing since our new website went live in 2016. It held this position for just shy of three years and is an article that still performs well today, holding second place in the newly updated list. In the past year (December 14th 2021 – December 13th 2022), the article has gained 5,620 unique page views, a slight drop from the previous period (January 1st – December 5th 2021), in which it clocked up 7,040, but still a very impressive viewing figure for an article that was already over four years old at the start of 2022.

The article covers three personal benefits of social media, 12 business benefits, and 13 dangers of using the social platforms. We believe this article has done so well for so long because although social media is still growing and evolving and can be of huge help in the marketing and communication of your business, people are aware they need to be cautious and want to understand what can happen if the platforms are not used correctly.

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3. 10 Great Christmas Websites to Visit

Our article ’10 Great Christmas Websites to Visit’ was published in December 2020. After reaching 10th position in our round up last year, the article has been seen to reach new heights this year, as it climbs seven places to No. 3.

This article, which was put together as a team effort, was the initial idea of our designer for a fun round-up of Christmas websites aimed at children. A light-hearted article in the lead up to Christmas, it also meant that in order for the team to write about the sites they would have to try them out for themselves, which they secretly enjoyed. With the still popular ‘Elf Yourself’ and a real-life reindeer cam, there’s something in the links here that will engage children of most ages.

Considering this is a seasonal article, racking up a total of 2,829 unique page views over our last review period is fairly sensational. We wonder whether this will prove to be its peak performance or whether it will rise still further in views next year.

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4. History of Robotics in Medicine

We’ve seen the article ‘History of Robotics in Medicine’ gain two positions in 2022, moving from No. 6 in our previous listing to No. 4 this year. A year ago, we speculated whether we would see any further movement as it had been growing gradually in views since its first publication in March 2020. We can see now that it has gone from strength to strength, bringing in a total of 2,326 unique page views in the time from December last year to this year.

Covering a niche area, the article goes into detail on the use of robots in the medical space, including surgery, hygiene, and clinical diagnosis and epidemic control. Considering its growth in a short space of time and advancements being made in this industry all the time, we don’t believe that the topic will lose interest. We might feel the need however to review this article in 2023 to see what additional information could be added to update and further strengthen the piece.

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5. How do Social Robots Interact with Humans?

Another article making gains this year is ‘How do Social Robots Interact with Humans?’, a piece written back in August 2019 for GWS Robotics. The article was a slow burn, having achieved initially clocked up just 50 unique page views in the months to January 22nd, 2020. This began to change in 2020, with the article racking up more and more views that year, and subsequently taking 8th place in our previous most-visited articles list covering the year ending in December 2021.

It has gained three more positions since that time, and now sits at No.5 in our run-down for 2022, having recorded another 2067 unique page views in the past twelve months. Similarly to the previous article discussed, it may benefit from updates in the future due to the rapid evolution of technologies in this area, but currently we are happy with the progress it is making.

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6. 20 Different Types of Websites - Part 2

Not wanting to be left out, the article ’20 Different Types of Websites Part 2’, which follows on from our top-placed article, makes its own appearance at No.6. It is one position up from 7th place last year, having registered 1639 unique page views in the past twelve months. Although search engines tend to favour the first part of the article, a significant number of people who enter the first part click on to the second, so we feel confident that Part 2 will remain in our Top 10 for as long as Part 1 continues to record tens of thousands of views per year.

It is unlikely to ever be quite as successful as Part 1, as we would always expect to lose some readers who had first looked at the lengthy Part 1 through general click fatigue or because they had found the information they were looking for there or run out of time for further reading; but we do expect that enough will continue to click on to learn about the additional 10 types of websites to keep Part 2 prominent in its own right.

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7. A Brief History of Robots and Robotics, from 300 B.C. to 1969

Going back up three places this year to reach No.7 from 10th place in 2021 is our article ‘A Brief History of Robots and Robotics, from 300 B.C. to 1969’. This article, which was first published in June 2018, was written for GWS Robotics by Philip Graves, one of our copywriters.

We applaud Philip for taking the time to research this topic in depth and produce such an informative article, which has obviously been well received over a prolonged period of time, as evidenced in its rebounding position in the year-end rankings this year. In the previous year (January 1st – December 5th 2021) it gained 1334 unique page views, compared with which this year it gained 1457 unique page views, which is good year-on-year growth. However, with our 8th-placed article gaining 1454 unique page views this year, it is hot on its tail and could potentially retake a higher place. We’ll be interested to see how the two of them fare comparatively speaking over the next year.

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8. Celebrating the Release of Windows 10 - the Evolution of the Windows Logo

One of our older articles, ‘Celebrating the Release of Windows 10’ was originally published on a previous version of our website in July 2015, but was imported into our new website when it went live in August 2016. Even though Windows 10 has since been succeeded by Windows 11, our Windows 10 article remains one of our ten most-viewed, although it has been declining gradually in views over the past year. Previously ranked No.3, it has fallen five places this year, and now sits at No.8 in our most recent update.

With Windows remaining the powerhouse computer operating system that it is, we believe that this article, which offers a summary of the history of the different versions of Windows system, will continue to remain popular. In view of the release of Windows 11 in October 2021, a new article covering this may be a sensible next step for us to work on in 2023.

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9. Positive Things to Come Out of the Covid-19 Lockdown

An article that mentions that word we have become all too familiar with in recent years, ‘lockdown’, could be a controversial one; however, this article was intended to highlight some of the things that arose from society taking the time to slow down and people appreciating more what was around them.

It sparked considerable interest and, in our round-up last year, came in with 4th place. Although this year, understandably as there has been no further lockdown recently, it has dropped to 9th position, it has still registered an additional 1287 unique page views, and it is interesting to see how our reflections on the effects of lockdown have continued to catch the interest of enough people to keep it in the year’s Top 10. It must have caught the eyes of many – we hope in highlighting some positives to hold on to when things seemed at such a loss. We imagine that this article will continue to fall in position as lockdown becomes a more distant memory, but we are happy to have provided an article that spoke to so many users while it was topical.

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10. How Internet System Requirements Have Changed Part 1: Internet Connection Speeds

A new entry and what a way to make an entrance, rolling in at No.10. Our article ‘How Internet System Requirements Have Changed Part 1’ (of three parts) goes into detail on Internet Connection Speeds and how over time faster and more reliable connections have generally become expected. From the dial-up internet of the 90s to fibre-optic broadband, this article covers the evolution of the internet and how it has happened in a relatively short space of time. Showing an impressive 1281 unique page views in its first year of publication, this article is already nipping at the heels of the declining 9th-placed article above it, and we therefore anticipate that it is likely to climb at least one more place in 2023.

It offers a brief history on a topic that is very much still of public interest and is likely to remain so as more advances to Internet infrastructure and speed are made.

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11. The Difference between Paid Search and Organic Search

Following its publication in December 2018, our article on the differences between paid and organic search quickly made progress from May 2019 and hurtled into the top ten. It was still there at No.9 when its 1161 unique page views were noted from January 1st – December 5th 2021. Although it has just edged out of the top ten this year, its position is still strong. 

The article includes an explanation of both paid and organic search, and explores the advantages and disadvantages of each.

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12. The Origins and History of Social Media: Where Does Social Media Come From?

A rare non-mover within the year-end chart, our article ‘Where Does Social Media Come from?’ has retained its position at No.12. Although it was published in October 2017, it has recorded another 1033 unique page views in the past twelve months, making it the last of our articles to exceed 1,000 unique page views in the most recent accounting period. Moreoever, it has a lead of over 250 unique page views on the 13th-placed article.

Interest in social media remains high, and we believe is currently looking set to remain so for years to come. This stands our article on the history of social media in good stead as one that will continue to be popular. It offers insight into what could have been called social media before the inception of some of the better knows big-hitters today. Learn what came before Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and make your own mind up on how the future will play out for these social platforms.

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13. The Pros and Cons of Google Analytics Version 4

Published in June 2021, our article ‘The Pros and Cons of Google Analytics Version 4’ has managed to gain five places this year, and is now comfortably sitting at No.13, having notched up 771 unique page views in the past twelve months. This isn’t surprising given the looming date ahead (July 1st 2023) when Google’s legacy Universal Analytics program will cease to process new hits. With just a few months remaining before then, we think more and more people will be looking into alternative ways of tracking hits to their websites.

In this article, we look into the pros and cons of the new version of Google Analytics, how it differs from UA, and how you might best plan for your future tracking needs.

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14. 5 Reasons Why Grammar and Spelling are Important on your Website

Gaining two places from last year, ‘5 Reasons Why Grammar and Spelling are Important on your Website’ has again done well, . Published in 2020, this article doesn’t seem to be dropping in popularity, as it has notched up another 699 unique page views.

The article covers in detail 5 reasons why you should really take note of the grammar and spelling on your website, and how these may come across and have the potential to impact the reputation of your business. It also offers advice on what to do if you feel that grammar and spelling aren’t your strengths, and how these issues may be navigated with outside help.

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15. Website Design: Facebook

With an impressive gain of seven places this year, although it was published way back in November 2011, our article ‘Website Design: Facebook’ manages to not only hold but improve on its position in our year-end ranking, having recorded 684 unique page views in the past twelve months.

Covering the look and design features of the social platform as it was back in 2011, this article has remained popular, we think, not only because of the perennial popularity of the platform itself but also because of some of the political controversies that have courted it in recent years, making for numerous topical mentions in the press since 2011. There may also be a nostalgia element in play now, as people like to compare the look of the platform as it was 11 years ago with how it is today.

While Facebook remains talked about and in the public eye, we think that this article will continue to do well in our listings. It will also serve a timeless historical reference resource when readers are researching the relatively early years of Facebook’s design in the future.

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16. Twenty Questions on the Ethics of Robotics and Pepper Robot

Dropping 3 places from previous year, the article ‘Robot Ethics and Pepper Robot: 20 Questions’ covers an interview with our copywriter, Philip Graves, by journalist Eithne Dodd. The interview acted as a resource for Dodd to inform an article she wrote for Decode Magazine on how Pepper Robot could be used to assist patients with autism and dementia.

The interesting questions asked by Dodd offered Philip the chance to explain his take on artificial intelligence and reveal some of the creative ways in which Pepper can be used.

This year, the article has recorded 554 unique page views, and is the last of our sixteen articles to have exceeded the 500 threshold in the past twelve months.

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17. How System Requirements for Browsing the Internet Have Changed Part 3: System Requirements of Web Browsers

A new entry to our list at No. 17, the article ‘How System Requirements for Browsing the Internet Have Changed – Part 3’ has followed suit after part 1 (Internet connection speeds) in making it into the year-end top 20, after recording 491 unique page views.

Published in December 2021, this article allows you to learn about the specific system requirements of Web browsers, covering Netscape Navigator, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.

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18. Business Networking Groups in Bristol

The article ‘Business Networking Groups in Bristol’ has gained an impressive 10 places on last year, climbing up from No.28 after adding 449 unique page views in the past twelve months. Covering both local and regional business networking groups and national ones, the article proves helpful for any UK-based business professional who might be looking to grow their connections.

After a prolonged time of people working from home and networking online over Zoom during the peak years of COVID-19, interest in live business networking events has witnessed a strong revival since mid-2021. The feeling seems to be that more people want to get out and experience life as we knew it before, mixing and networking at in-person events. We predict that this article will continue to do well as people search for new business networking groups to attend in and around Bristol, as well as further afield.

Every year, there are also new businesses started in Bristol and new business marketing executives appointed to existing ones, creating a constant new influx of people with good reasons to be interested in joining business networking events.

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19. Marketing in the Time of Coronavirus

‘Marketing in the Time of Coronavirus’, which we published in the Spring of 2020, has seen a huge drop this year, losing a total of 14 places from No. 5 in 2021. This was to be expected, as time has moved on and people’s active interest in topics related to COVID-19 is no longer so acute, leading to vastly reduced searches for keywords that include either Coronavirus or COVID.

This article started life as an article we worked on as a team in April 2020, just after the first lockdown began. As the pandemic raged on and the article soared in popularity, one of our design team then added the accompanying infographic a year later, summarising the content of the article.

The article includes tips on the best ways to support your business during the harder times of COVID-19, which proved to be a valuable resource at the time of publication and remained topical throughout the following year. Even in 2022, it’s stayed just within our Top 20. But will it drop out of the Top 40 altogether next year?

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20. 10 File-Sharing Platforms for Business

With a drop of 3 places in 2022, ’10 File-Sharing Platforms for Business’, which was first published in 2019, is slowly moving down the rankings.

As businesses grow and especially with many still working from home, the need to successfully share large files online has grown. Nowadays, many platforms offer this service, ten of which we have reviewed within the article.

, We feel it might be beneficial for us to survey the file-sharing marketplace again in 2023 and look at whether or not this article could be updated if newer services are now available, or to update information such as prices.

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21. 40 Classic UK TV Advertising Campaigns Part 2

Another new entry this year, the article ’40 Classic UK TV Advertising Campaigns Part 2’ comes in at No.21. Published in December 2021 as the second part of a 4-part series looking at some of the classic UK TV advertising campaigns of the past, it focuses on advertisements for cereal and confectionery. Embedded in the article, you’ll find videos to promote some of the nation’s most loved breakfast food and sweets, including Weetabix, Coco-pops and Quality Street Chocolates.

The other parts cover fruit drinks, beers and tea (Part 1); Coffee, cough sweets, dairy products and stock (Part 3) and Non-food products and services – Part 4.

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22. 5 of our Favourite High-Tech Companies in Bristol

Regaining two places to sit at No.22 in this year’s chart is our article ‘5 of our favourite high-tech companies in Bristol’. Published in September 2017, this article was initially extremely successful and for a while was cumulatively our second most-read article. Its initial popularity faded, but it seems to have settled now and this year has been slowly edging back up the rank order. We wonder whether this could be because Bristol is attracting a fresh wave of interest in its status as a prominent tech-business hub, both for existing business and new start-ups.

Although the article is now just over 5 years old, the firms which are referenced are all very much still in business, so it has not lost its relevance.

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23. 40 Classic UK TV advertising Campaigns Part 3

Closely following part 2 in the 4-part series, ’40 Classic UK TV Advertising Campaigns Part 3’ makes its entrance at No.23, with 260 unique page views. As mentioned above, Part 3 looks at coffee, cough sweets, dairy products and stock. Some brands you will find mentioned include Nescafé coffee, Oxo stock cubes and Anchor butter.

Spoiler alert: you may find a third part of this article a little further down the list. But which will it be? Part 1 or Part 4? One thing’s for sure: the overall topic of vintage TV advertising techniques has definitely proven to be a winner this past year.

24. The History of Drupal Content Management System

Creeping up the rank order from No. 33 last year to No. 24 this year is our article ‘History of Drupal Content Management System’. A celebratory article timed to mark the 20th anniversary of the first released version of this popular and sophisticated content management system, it gave a timeline of the CMS from the year 2001 onwards.

With the end-of-life date of Drupal 7 nearing (November 2023) but the latest version, Drupal 9, remaining a going concern, we wonder whether this might have some impact on the popularity of the article in 2023, with more existing Drupal users perhaps researching the topic of its version history as part of their preparations for their upgrades.

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25. Our Working Process

Another new entry in this year’s Top 40 is an article that explains the steps we take as a digital agency when working on client projects. ‘Our Working Process’ gives insight on how we prepare, plan, execute and evaluate the work we do. We find this process of working successful, and hope that it would be of interest to both clients and other businesses.

We find being open and transparent with clients in how we work from the off offers reassurance and enables a better working relationship throughout. If you’re interested to find out more about how we work, read the article now.

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26. How to Reduce or Eliminate Landfill Waste from your Business

Dropping just three places this year and landing in No. 26 is ‘How to Reduce or Eliminate Landfill Waste from your Business’. Published in June 2020, this article is still very much topical, so it is no surprise that it is still gaining so many unique page views.

Detailing five tips on organising your business waste policy, this article would be a great place to start if your business is fairly new to such considerations. We recommend that you start with one or two changes, and build from there.

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27. 10 Most Popular Content Management Systems Compared

’10 Most Popular Content Management Systems Compared’ has regained 4 places this year to reach No.27, with a total of 225 unique page views. The article gives an overview of ten content management systems that were popular at the time it was written in 2019.

As well as information on each system, the article also shows figures of the then market share to rank them in order of popularity. Most popular was WordPress with a staggering 51% of the market. Read the article now to find out which other systems made the top ten.

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28. What's in a Font? Fonts for Films and TV: 15 of Your Favourite Movie and TV Show Fonts Analysed

Falling three places this year from 25th place in 2001 is our ever-popular article ‘What’s in a font? Fonts for films and TV’. We looked at 15 distinctive fonts used in iconic film franchises and television shows and analysed their psychological impact. This article was first published in February 2018.

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29. 1st Objective of Charity Website Design: Ways to Attract Public Support

Climbing into the Top 30 this year from outside the Top 40 last is a vintage article on a topic that remains perennially relevant, ‘1st Objective of Charity Website Design: Ways to Attract Public Support’. We looked at how the design of a website for a charity can help to communicate with the public in order to attract individual donors and sponsors. This article was originally published in October 2010.

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30. 6 Benefits of Multilingual Websites

A brand new entry to this year’s Top 50 is ‘6 Benefits of Multilingual Websites’. We defined the term ‘multilingual website’ and explored the case for having one as well as considering which parts of your website you should prioritise translating if you do. This article was newly published in March 2022.

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31. Website Design: Twitter

Down just one place from 30th last year is another perennially popular article, ‘Website Design: Twitter’. We looked at how the Twitter website was designed and the impact on these design features upon users. Although this article was first published in November 2011, similarly to the article focused on the design of Facebook, we believe that this article will remain popular as an historical reference on the design of this social platform.

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32. Bristol’s Newspapers

Another new entry to this year’s Top 50 is ‘Bristol’s Newspapers: A Brief history of local newspapers in Bristol, England from 1701 to 2022’. We critically researched and summarised the publishing history of a selection of 34 popular local newspapers serving the Bristol area, as well as linking to some more comprehensive historical resources. This article went live in February 2022.

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33. Bristol Street Art and See No Evil

Sliding seven places this year from No. 26 in 2021 is ‘Bristol Street Art and See No Evil’, our classic rapportage complete with extensive photographic documentation on one of Bristol’s great recent temporary street art festivals. This article first went live with just a handful of small photos in August 2012, but was overhauled in 2018 with the addition of larger versions of a host of photographs we took at the See No Evil events of 2011 and 2012.

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34. 10 Different Ways to Create an App

Climbing to No. 34 this year from outside the Top 40 last is ’10 Different Ways to Create an App’. We identified and briefly reviewed ten different utilities suitable for building one’s own mobile application on a DIY basis, suited to those on a tight budget who can’t afford to hire an agency to create a completely customised one for them. This article was first published in August 2020.

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35. Robots vs. Humans in the Workplace: a Summary and Analysis of the Findings of Five Major Studies into the Effects of Robots on the Displacement of Jobs

Falling fifteen places this year from No. 20 last year is one of our most exhaustive articles on the prospects of the robotics industry for integration of robots into the workplace, ‘Robots vs Humans in the Workplace’. We read and summarised five major research studies by credible authorities on the topic, before drawing our own conclusions. This article was first published in June 2018.

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36. 20 Animated Logos for your Inspiration

Also down fifteen places this year from No. 21 in 2021 is ’20 Animated Logos for your Inspiration’. Our design team picked out 20 animated logos found on the World Wide Web. We showcased these before summarising the potential advantages of animated logos to businesses. This article was first published in April 2019.

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37. Tips for Naming your Brand or Business

Down 19 places this year from last year’s No. 18 is ‘Tips for Naming Your Brand or Business’. We explored six different strategies for the selection of a name for your business, giving real-world examples of each. This article first went live in May 2019.

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38. 40 Classic UK TV Advertising Campaigns Part 1

Another new entry in this week’s chart is ’40 Classic UK TV Advertising Campaigns Part 1’, the first instalment of our four-part analytical review of selected classic British television advertisements, including links to uploads of vintage footage of the advertisements themselves on YouTube. This first part focused on advertisements for fruit drinks, beer and tea. It went live in December 2021 and follows parts 2 and part 3 of the same article in making a new appearance in this year’s top 50.

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39. How to Set Google Ads (Formerly Adwords) Account

A chart entry this year, climbing from outside the Top 40 in 2021, is ‘How to Set Up a Google Ads (Formerly Adwords) Account’. We detailed ten key recommended strategic and practical steps towards running a successful Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising Campaign using Google Ads. This article was first published in November 2020.

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40. Which Sectors are Open During Lockdown?

Tumbling 25 places this year from last year’s No. 15 is ‘Which Sectors are Open During Lockdown?’ We identified and characterised a selection of eight areas of business that remained in strong demand under the most severe restrictions imposed during the COVD-19 pandemic. This article was first published in May 2020.

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41. 10 Website Copywriting Mistakes

At No. 41 this year is a fairly recent article that was also outside the Top 40 in 2021, but has still notched up over 100 more unique page views during the past twelve months, ’10 Website Copywriting mistakes’. We identified and summarised the case against ten habits, errors and omissions in copywriting that can be to varying degrees unproductive or even counter-productive. This article was first published in November 2020.

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42. Website Design: Pinterest

Experiencing a marked resurgence of interest in 2020 is a vintage article that was far outside the Top 40 last year but is only just outside it this year, ‘Website Design: Pinterest’. We identified and explored the effects of three key attributes of the design of the Pinterest social media website. This article was originally published in March 2012.

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43. Mensa International - the High IQ Society

Falling 29 places this year from No. 14 in 2021 is ‘Mensa International – the High IQ Society’, our client profile feature published as part of a series of features produced to celebrate our 20th anniversary as a digital agency. We introduced the Mensa organisation before detailing our relationship with its websites past and present. This article went live in September 2020.

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44. University Websites Home Page Design

Remaining just outside the Top 40 this year is another perennially popular article on website design for a particular sector, ‘University Websites – Home Page Design’. With reference to screenshots included from the then home pages of ten different universities, we explored the characteristics of a successful home page for a university website chiefly in terms of the messaging it conveys. This article was first published in February 2011.

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45. 10 Apps to Get you Into the Christmas Spirit

Staying a little outside the Top 40 at No. 45 this year is our second-highest-placed article on a festive theme, ’10 Apps to Get you Into the Christmas Spirit’. We named, pictured and reviewed ten downloadable mobile applications on a Christmas theme that were available at the time of publication, which was in December 2020.

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46. Charity Website Design: Introduction

Falling ten places this year but still very much in contention as one of our most perennially popular articles is ‘Charity Website Design: Introduction’, the first instalment in a vintage series of articles on the principles and practice of charity website design. Here, we summarised four key objectives of designing a suitable website for a charity, leaving their fuller exploration to the following instalments. This article was first published in October 2010.

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47. GWS Media Case Study: What are ASOS Doing on Social Media?

Remaining a fraction outside the Top 40 this year is another vintage write-up that just keeps getting hits from organic search, ‘GWS Media Case Study: What are ASOS Doing on Social Media?’ It may seem surprising when you consider that this article was an analytical report on the social media activity of the ASOS clothing company as it was in early 2014 that it continues to attract such interest eight years on, but that continuing traffic only underlines the success of the ASOS brand. The article was published in March 2014.

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48. Nicholl Food Packaging

Down ten places this year is ‘Nicholl Food Packaging’, the second highest-placed of our client features produced to commemorate twenty years in business. We report on our longstanding association with a leading British supplier of food packaging, Nicholl, also sometimes known as Advanta. (It has since been acquired by Coppice Alupack, another former client of ours.) This article went live in September 2020.

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49. How has the Global Pandemic Changed the Digital Landscape This Year?

Falling twenty places this year from No. 29 last year is another of our articles that were most topical during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, ‘How Has the Global Pandemic Changed the Digital Landscape this year and what does it mean for the future?’ We looked at the impact of the restrictions related to COVID-19 on online shopping habits, social media usage, and people’s increasingly digital lifestyles. This article was first published in January 2021.

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50. Electronic Person Status for Robots - Response to the EU Proposal

Remaining a shade outside the Top 40 this year, but just within the Top 50, is ‘Electronic Person Status for Robots: Response to the EU Proposal’, our reasoned critical response to a proposal approved by the European Parliament in early 2017 that some classes of robots should be granted with an independent legal status to be known as ‘electronic personhood’. Our write-up was published in the same month as the hearing, January 2017.

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51. Different Ways to Make Money Online

Another brand new entry this year is ‘Different Ways to Make Money Online’. We identified and summarised the implications of ten different generic areas of business that can be conducted successfully through the Internet. This article went live in April 2022.

We wonder whether this article’s immediate qualification for our year-end chart after only eight months of publication is a sign that more people are looking for side-hustles to support their day jobs as costs continue to increase. Given its evident ready popularity as a topic, we may yet opt to review and expand it in 2023.

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52. Website Design: Selling Clothes Online Part 1

Just outside the Top 50 this year is another old article on the principles of website design for a particular sector that continues to pull in more traffic every year, ‘Website Design: Selling Clothes Online Part 1’. We explored how to present your home page and showcase your product when you need to sell clothing through your website. This article was first published in May 2012.

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53. How to Manage Cookie Consent on your Website

A chart entry this year is ‘How to Manage Cookie Consent On Your Website’. We took a detailed look at different strategies for managing consent to cookies on your website and the possible legal implications, with the focus being on UK-based businesses post-Brexit. This article went live just before the end of the accounting period for last year’s chart, in November 2021, so this was its first full year standing in competition with the rest of our legacy articles.

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54. How to Sell Goods and Services Online

Rounding off our chart is another chart entry, and the last of our articles to have exceeded 50 unique page views during the past twelve months, which we set as the cut-off point for inclusion in this year’s round-up of article views, ‘How to Sell Goods and Services Online: a Guide for New Businesses’.

We separately considered strategies for selling goods online and selling services online, before giving advice equally applicable to both broad areas of online selling. This article was also published shortly before the end of the previous accounting period, in October 2021, so this was its first realistic opportunity to qualify for the year-end chart.

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